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Summer Knockout

Posted by fellman01 on June 25, 2014

In the first round of this competition, Tynedale’s one and only side was drawn away to Morpeth A. A gallant team of Derek Blair, Jeremy Handley, Alex Ashworth and Phil Taylor made the trip and was put to the sword, Morpeth emerging with a 4-0 win.
So the Tynedale side moved across to the plate competition, where it was drawn away to Tynemouth Warriors. It was the same side that had succumbed to Morpeth, except that Steve Larkin replaced Alex on board 3. Again the Tynedale team was up against it, being outgraded on all boards. However, the plus side was that we gained a handicap of 1.5 points and so needed only 1.5/4 to win the match. Anything less would mean defeat. The line-up was
1. Dave Jarema (156) v Derek Blair (141)
2. Keith Rockett (147) v Jeremy Handley (137)
3. Dave Hair (142) v Steve Larkin (125)
4. Dave Mear (130) v Phil Taylor (125)
Phil was first to finish. The game came down to an even ending, with both sides having a rook and several connected pawns. However, any attempt to press by either side would entail a loss of material and so a draw was agreed.
Next, man of the match Jeremy picked up first one pawn then a second, and when it came down to the endgame, the advantage was decisive and Keith resigned. 1.5/2 and the match was already won!
Steve had had the better of the opening and went a pawn up, but at the expense of an undeveloped queenside, and this posed significant problems for some time. Once they were sorted out, it became apparent that neither side could force a win and a draw was agreed.
Last to finish was the top board where Derek’s offer of a draw was at first turned down and then accepted when it became clear that the position was dead level with no point of weakness on either side.
So Tynedale won the match both over the board (2.5 to 1.5) and on handicap (4 to 1.5) and march into the semi-final. An excellent result for all concerned!

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