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NCA Plate Trophy

Posted by Tim W on March 17, 2015

The Tans may not have won last night at Gosforth, but we did pick up a trophy. This is the Northumberland Chess Association Summer Knock Out trophy, won last summer by Tynedale. I’ve been looking trough the records to see who played, and the team stalwarts were Derek Blair, Jeremy Handley, Steve Larkin and Phil Taylor, with cameo appearance by Tim Wrigley and Alex Ashworth. Steve Larkin produced a report about the final (Summer KO Plate Final Report) and I am now reproducing Dave Walshaw’s report about the earlier rounds.
NCA Plate Trophy


Round One

Tynemouth Warriors v Gosforth Empire

R. Oxnard(135) 0-1 M.McBeth(177)
D. White (120) 0-1 P.Sumner(157)
D. Beagarie(119) 0-1 D.Stebbings(137)
B. Batten(115) 1-0 G.Harrison(132)
Handicap 1.5

Gosforth Regents v Gateshead

P. Costello(150) 1-0 K. Cox(134)
K. Mills(144) 1-0 W. Noble(134)
M. Beardsley(135) 1-0 P. Wells(131)
D. Baynes(124) 1-0 A. Johnson (113)

Forest Hall B v Tynemouth Castles

Home win, but no further details forthcoming.

South Shields v Gosforth Salters

Ian Maughan(164) 0.5-0.5 Noel Boustred(140)
Kevin Rowden(141) 1-0 John Fance(122)
Eddie Czestochowski(114) 0-1 Steve Wilde(113)
Mike Savin(113) 0.5-0.5 Bryan Ord(83)
Handicap 2.5

Jesmond Knights v Forest Hall A

M Prasath(185) ) 1-0 M Seeber(158)
E Dodds(175) ) 1-0 F Moon(145)
Z Zhang(175) ) 1-0 M Smith(142)
C Wardle(161) 1-0 S Black(115)
Total Grade (696) 4-0 Total Grade (560)
Handicap Open 0-2.5 Inter
Total Score 4-2.5

Jesmond   v Tynedale

Roger Coathup(190) 1-0 Derek Blair(141)
M Smyth(176) 1-0 Jeremy Handley(137)
G Elliames(159) 1-0 AlexAshworth(127)
James Turner(155) 1-0 Phil Taylor(125)
Total Grade(680) 4-0 Total Grade(530)
 Handicap Points 0-2½
 Total Score 4-2½ Total Score

Gosforth IV v Morpeth B

B Heyman(123) 0-1 A Welsh(138)
K Moreby(120) 1-0 J Horton(135)
J Chan(108) 0-1 H Robinson(116)
D Turner(104) 1-0 D.H. Watson(111)

The grades are the January ones, and therefore incorrect, leading to the top two boards playing out of order. Morpeth spotted this after the match but decided not to lodge a complaint on the grounds it was accidental.

Tynemouth Trojans – Sprites

Alan Harvey 1-0 Chris Smith
David Henderson 1-0 Lewis Self
Mick Riding 1-0 Bill Penny
Gary Cornwall 1-0 Default

TROPHY Quarter Finals

Tynemouth v Morpeth A

A Harvey(190) 1/2-1/2 R Coathup(190)
D Henderson(189) 1-0 M Smyth(176)
G Cornwall(161) 1-0 G Ellames(159)
J Morton(149) 1-0 J Turner(155)
Total 3.5-0.5

Jesmond Knights v Gosforth Empire

M Prasath(185) 1-0 D Armbruster(182)
E Dodds(175) 1-0 J Wheeler(181)
A Trevelyan(156) 0-1 M McBeth(177)
R Archer(150) 0.5-0.5 P Sumner(157)
Total Grade(666) 2.5-1.5 Total Grade(697)
 Handicap (Open) 0-0 (Open)
 Total Score 2.5-1.5 Total Score

Forest Hall B v Gosforth Regents

Kristian Mills was expected for Gosforth but a phone call established he wasn’t coming minutes before the start so their boards 3 and 4 moved up.

Rolf Millar beat Paul Costello

Jeff Baird drew Martin Beardsley

Mark Younger lost to Dave Baynes

So Forest Hall win 2.5 – 1.5 including default. No handicap applied

(Ed: no name supplied for Forest Hall B board 4 to claim the default)

Gosforth IV v Gosforth Salters

Kurt Moreby(127) 0-1 Noel Boustred(140)
Tony Neville(112) 0-1 John France(122)
Joe Chan(109,) 1-0 Steve Wilde(113)
Dave Turner(104) 1-0 Brian Orde(83).

Gosforth IV win as lower graded team

PLATE Quarter Finals

Morpeth B v Tynemouth Warriors

J Horton(135) 0-1 R Oxnard(135)
J Chadwick(124) 1-0 PJackson(124)
D Patterson(122) 0-1 D White(120)
D Watson(111) 0-1 D Beagarie(119)
(492) 1-3 (498)

Tynemouth win.

Tynemouth Castles v Tynedale

Dave Jarema(156) 0.5-0.5 Derek Blair(141)
Keith Rockett(147) 0-1 Jeremy Handley(137)
Dave Hair(142) 0.5-0.5 Steve Larkin(125)
Dave Mear(130) 0.5-0.5 Phil Taylor(125)
Total grade(575) (528)
Handicap 0-1.5
Final score 1.5-4

Forest Hall A v Tynemouth Sprites

Martin Seeber 0.5-0.5 Chris Smith
Frank Moon 1-0 Lewis Self
Mike Smith 1-0 Trevor Penny
Steve Black 1-0 default

Forest Hall Win

Gateshead v South Shields

Kevin Cox(134) 0-1 Simon Mcguinness(184)
Bill Noble(134) 1-0 Ian Maughan(164)
Peter Wells(132) 1-0 Stan Johnson(118)
Denise Mosse(131) 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski(115e)
Total Grade(531) Total Grade(581)
Handicap Points 2.5-0 Handicap Points
Total Score 4.5-2 Total Score

TROPHY Semi Finals

Tynemouth Trojans v Jesmond Knights

M Riding(191) 0-1 MPrasath(185)
G Cornwall(161) 0-1 E Dodds(175)
J Morton(149)(Default–no show) 0-1 C Izod(173)
D Laws(147) 1-0 C Wardle(161)
Total Grade (648)  Total Grade (694)
Handicap (Open) 0-0 Open
Total Score 1-3  Total Score

Forest Hall B v Gosforth IV

The result was 2:2 which gives us a win on handicap, I think, but please see note below.

R Millar(133, black)  0.5-0.5 Ted Jarah(130,white)
J Bentham(125, white) 1-0 Bob Heyman(123, black)
J Baird(122, white) 0.5-0.5 Tony Neville(112, black)
M Younger(121,white) 0-1 Joe Chan(109, black)

As you can see, board three played the wrong colours so that we ended up with 3 blacks. It was a genuine mistake which I only noticed after the game, and their team captain (Jeff Bentham) didn’t spot either. Hopefully, you will decide that the result stands because the winners were disadvantaged rather than making us play the match again!

PLATE Semi Finals

Forest Hall v Tynedale

Martin Seeber(158) 0.5-0.5 Tim Wrigley(142)
Mike Smith(142) 0.5-0.5 Jeremy Handley(137)
Sophie Seeber(128) 0.5-0.5 Steve Larkin(125)
Keith Brooks(117) 0-1 Phil Taylor(125)

As both sides were intermediate teams, Tynedale won.

Tynemouth Warriors v Gateshead

Richard Oxnard(135) ½-½ W Noble(133)
Phil Jackson(124) 1-0 P Wells(133)
Dennis White(120) 0-1 P Mosse(131)
Dennis Beagrie(119) ½-½ P Johnson(113)
(493) 2-2 (510)

Tynemouth the lower rated team wins.

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