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Summer KO Tynedale v Forest Hall A

Posted by Tim W on May 11, 2015

Not a very auspicious start to the Summer KO. We outgraded Forest Hall marginally, so nedeed 2½ out of 4 to win. We failed to trouble the scorer, lost 0-4, and must now defend our plate trophy. Personally, I made two stupid mistakes, first I set the board up the wrong way round, so I played white and Martin played black. By the time we realised the error it was too late to change, but somewhat flustered I played an illegal move, pawn on g4 takes pawn on e5, and was forced by the touch a piece move it rule to actually play g4 to g5. This cost me a good opppurtunity, and Martin outplayed me in a tight ending.

Tynedale                                                            Forest Hall A
Board Colour Name Grade Score Colour Name Grade Score
1 B Tim Wrigley 147 0 W Martin Seeber 157 1
2 W Jeremy Handley 144 0 B Mike Smith 157 1
3 B Derek Blair 135 0 W Sophie Seeber 125 1
4 W Alex Ashworth 124 0 B Josh Grueso 100 1
Total Grade 550 Total Grade 539
Handicap Points       Handicap Points
Total Score   0   Total Score 4

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