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Reivers v Tynemouth C

Posted by fellman01 on November 9, 2016

This match was played at Tynemouth on Tuesday November 8th, 2016, with the following line-up:

  1. Chris Smith (142) v David Wrigley (170)
  2. Lewis Self (124) v Tim Wrigley (148)
  3. Bill Penny (110) v Derek Blair (119)
  4. Tom Hulley (u) v Steve Larkin (120)
  5. Joe Murray (99) v Dave Humphreys ( 70)
  6. First to finish was board 4, largely due to Tom’s hyper-rapid play (when the game finished, he had a 40 minute advantage over Steve). Steve gained a one pawn advantage from the opening, but a series of exchanges produced a position which looked drawn. However, a pawn move in the centre opened things up a bit and led to a decisive pawn check, winning a rook, at which point Tom resigned, but it had been a close-run thing. 0-1
  7. Next to finish was board 2, where Derek produced a queen fork with a knight check on move 28. Game over. 0-2
  8. On top board, David had gone knight for 2 pawns down, before falling to another queen fork via check, and again it was game over. 1-2
  9. Tim’s game was dead level right down to  the King and 6 pawns each ending. It had draw written all over it, but Tim achieved a position where his king could attack Lewis’s pawns, while Lewis’s king was impotent, and Lewis resigned. 1-3
  10. Board 5 went to the wire. In a position which was materially even, Dave held a substantial positional advantage, in that Joe’s king was horribly exposed, with two rooks and a bishop threatening it. However, Dave’s attack faltered and, with time running out, Joe produced a winning counter-attack. 2-3
  11. So the Reivers’ belated start to the season produced a win against one of the stronger sides in the division, but there had been very little in it. Curiously, black won on 4 boards out of 5, Derek being the only player with white to win.

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