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Forest Hall Dragoons v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on January 14, 2017



This match was played at Forest Hall on Friday January 13th, with the following line-up:

  1. Steve Bowey (127) v Gary Murphy (164)
  2. Jeff Baird (115) v Derek Blair (119)
  3. Rolf Millar (111) v Steve Larkin (120)
  4. Mark Broughton (121) v Dave Foster jr (94)
  5. David Ridley (41) v Dave Humphreys (70)

First to finish was board 3, where Steve was up against two players, himself and Rolf. Not surprisingly, this combination proved highly successful, relieving Steve first of his queen and then of a bishop. Time to take up tiddlywinks! 1-0

Derek’s game resolved into a dead level position where both players had two rooks, one bishop and seven pawns. Derek was offered a draw and, after consultation with his captain (well done, Derek!) took it. 1.5-0.5

On board 5, Dave achieved a pawn majority in the endgame which he exploited nicely. His opponent resigned when it became apparent that he could not stop Dave queening a pawn. 1.5-1.5

Gary had gone knight for pawn up early in his game and then, by his own admission, switched off somewhat and allowed Steve back into the game, before focussing once more and achieving a winning series of pins. 1.5-2.5

Last to finish was Dave F, who found himself in a severely cramped position with his opponent pushing a passed pawn. Dave defended stoutly, but Mark’s clever use of a bishop pair ensured that the pawn could not be stopped. 2.5-2.5

So the Reivers remain unbeaten, but their captain is confined to the dunce’s corner!



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