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Reivers v Alnwick B

Posted by fellman01 on February 23, 2017

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017, with the following line-up:

  1. Ian Mackay (137) v Ralph Firth (120)
  2. Alex Ashworth (131) v Richard Perry (94)
  3. Derek Blair (119) v Vincent Cowley (72)
  4. Steve Larkin (120) v Christopher Cox (49)
  5. Bruce Reed (107) v Joe Hemsley (u)

This match had a Reivers win written all over it, but it didn’t go entirely to plan.

Steve was first to finish, an easy win with mate inevitable after 35 minutes. 1-0

Next came Bruce, who had a comfortable win against a young and inexperienced opponent. 2-0

Ian’s game with his old friend Ralph (the first time they had ever gone head to head) was evenly matched until Ralph blundered a rook. 3-0

Derek’s game was likewise finely balanced until his pressure on the pawn guarding white’s king became irresistible and his opponent resigned. 4-0

Alex started from a cramped position and was never able to mobilise all his pieces. With his king exposed and his opponent’s doubled rooks threatening mayhem, he resigned. 4-1

This win takes the Reivers back to the top of the table, overtaking Tynemouth C, who had lost the previous night to Morpeth C. So the Reivers are one point clear with a game in hand over Tynemouth C who, together with Gosforth E, are the only sides who can now overtake the Reivers. Dare we mention the P word yet? I think not!



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