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Jeremy Handley memorial trophy

Posted by fellman01 on September 21, 2017

The second staging of this event was held at Morpeth on Wednesday September 20th. Tynedale could muster only six players (as against 13 last year!), so the line-up was:

  1. Mike Smyth (182) v David Wrigley (159)
  2. James Turner (163) v Tim Wrigley (151)
  3. Bob Mitcheson (152) v Peter Crichton (143)
  4. George Ellames (151) v Steve Larkin (116)
  5. Geoff Loxham (140) v Dave Humphreys (82)
  6. Paul Richards (134) v Damian Rudge (51)

Not surprisingly given the grading differences between the two sides, Morpeth ran out comfortable winners by 5-1. However, most of the games were closely contested, and it was only in the final twenty minutes or later that boards 1, 2 and 5 were decided. Special mention must be made of Peter, who spared us the embarrassment of a whitewash, and Dave who, despite going the exchange down on move 18, made his opponent work very hard for his victory.

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