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Reivers v Newcastle University

Posted by fellman01 on October 13, 2017

This match was played at the University with the following line-up:

  1. Victoria Chan (176) v Tim Wrigley (151)
  2. Maxim Misevra (u) v Steve Larkin (116)
  3. Jeremy Revell (135) v Bruce Reed (112)
  4. Kiro Samuroya (u) v Derek Blair (112)
  5. Javier Horas (u) v Dave Humphreys (82)

Dave got us off to a flying start with a swift and clear-cut victory over his Spanish opponent, who made several blunders. That advantage was soon cancelled out as Steve was swept off the board by his Ukrainian opponent, Steve’s own play not helping his cause. Derek had a somewhat closer game against a Bulgarian, but lost. Which Tim and Bruce battling it out to the bitter end. Bruce achieved a clearly-won endgame, but had only 17 seconds in which to convert it. He declined his opponent’s apologetic offer of a draw, only to lose on time. Tim seemed to have a very slight positional advantage but Victoria had everything covered and a draw was agreed with both players down to their last two minutes  and a vast amount of play still left on the board.

So the University ran out winners by three and a half to one and a half, but the Reivers were not disgraced, and had Bruce had more time the match result would have been a draw.

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