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10 Interesting Facts about Chess [Ref:- ChessWorld, Yuri Markushin]

Posted by dwhump3yahoocouk on November 4, 2017

1. The estimated number of electrons in the universe is 10^79. The number of possible chess moves is 10^120.
2. The longest game of chess that is theoretically possible is 5,949 moves.
3. The longest time for castlling to take place was the match between Bobotsor v Irkov played in 1966 where white played 46.0-0
4. As late as 1561, castling consisted of two moves. You had to play R-KB1 first, then K-KN1 on the next move.
5. The word Checkmate derives from the Persian ‘Shah Mat’ meaning ‘the king is dead’.
6. The longest chess problem, white to play and mate in 290 moves, is credited to Otto Blathy (1860-1939)
7. The police in Cleveland, Ohio, raided a chess tournament in 1973. They arrested the
tournament director and confiscated the chess sets. The charge was illegal gambling [ cash prizes were being played for] and possession of gambling devices [ the chess sets]
8. The famous Knights Tour, where a knight is placed on an empty board and has to move so that is lands on every square once only, has over 122 million solutions.
9. The longest, official, chess game lasted for 269 moves. It was played in Belgrade, in 1989, between I.Nikolic and Arsovic. In ended in …………..a draw!
10. From the starting position, there are 8 different ways to mate in two moves and 355 ways to mate in 3 moves.

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