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Monarchs v Austins

Posted by dwhump3yahoocouk on November 4, 2017

The Monarchs were struggling to find a 4-man team this time around. So, it was agreed to field two, 3-man teams. The Monarchs line up, for the match played on the 2nd Nov, was as follows:-

Board 1 – Pete Crichton (143) v George Glover (143)
Board 2 -Derek Blair (112) v Bill Burgess (114)
Board 3 – Dave Humphreys (82) v John Lydon (107)

After three, hard fought games, the Monarchs emerged victorious, winning 23-17 on handicap.
Pete, after reaching a drawn bishop+knight+pawn against bishop+knight+pawn endgame, sadly lost a pawn and, after the bishops came off, was unable to hold the resulting position. A lesson for the rest of us to study our engames!

Derek went in for an unorthadox queen-pawn opening. Both sides castled queenside. Bill gave up two minor pieces for rook and pawn, creating an interesting imbalance of material in the position. But, after a very tactical game, Derek overcame his opponent in fine style.

Dave, who was giving away two handicap points, assayed the Kings Indian defense for the first time in serious play. Playing for a kingside attack, all was going well until a mixture of tunnel vision and hallucination resulted in him blundering his queen away on move 26. He was able to get knight and rook for the queen, and, as his remaining pieces were far more active, managed to snare his opponent in a mating net, forcing his resignation on move 37.


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