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Gosforth Salters v Tans

Posted by Tim W on December 19, 2017

An entertaining match, once again the Tans were outgraded. With the score 1-1, from draws for Gary and Ian, Tim produced a swindle that almost won his game, and  the match score looks promising (1½-1½). But then David lost from a good position, and it was left to Derek to rescue  a draw.  On paper this looks a good result, but it could easily have been worse (or better). Best results of the night Derek and Gary.

Gosforth Salters v Tans
Played at Gosforth Empire Club Mon 18 Dec 2017
Taka Chipanga ½-½ Gary Murphy
Mike McBeth 1-0 David Wrigley
Stefan Hartmann ½-½ Tim Wrigley
Paul Sumner 0-1 Derek Harris
Geoff Harrison ½-½ Ian Mackay


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