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Reivers v Tynemouth C

Posted by fellman01 on February 16, 2018

This match was played at Corbridge on Thursday Feb 15th 2018, with the following line-up:

  1. Peter Crichton (143) v Gary Cornwall (154)
  2. Ian Mackay (137) v Chris Smith (147)
  3. Steve Larkin (116) v Dennis White (126)
  4. Bruce Reed (112) v Phil Jackson (111)
  5. Christine Moorcroft (92) v Joe Murray (108)

With Tynemouth C second top of the division and the Reivers third from bottom, this was always going to be a difficult match, confirmed by the respective grading of the teams. However, Bruce galloped to an early victory  and was followed a little later by Christine with another win – the best possible start for the Reivers.

The top three boards finished much later, having started almost half an hour after the bottom two boards. Ian had a dead level position against Chris, only to lose the game by a single error. Peter’s game and Steve’s went to the wire, finishing almost simultaneously. Steve had a small material advantage but was down on time and played the final dozen moves or so on increments, until Dennis accepted his second offer of a draw. Peter’s game was dead level and his offer of a draw was likewise accepted. So to their amazement, the Reivers emerged victorious by 3 points to 2, a win which, with luck, should ensure their survival in division 2.


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