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Morpeth B v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on March 29, 2018

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday March 28th, with the following line-up:

  1. Alan Welsh (148) v Peter Crichton (143)
  2. Geoff Loxham (143) v Ian Mackay (137)
  3. Jose Grueso ( 141) v Steve Larkin (116)
  4. Paul Richards (137) v Derek Blair (112)
  5. Martin Shaw (134) v Dave Humphreys (82)

This was always going to be a very tough match, the Morpeth side having already qualified for promotion into Division One of the league for next season.

Ian’s game was the first to finish, with Geoff instigating a wholesale swapping off of pieces leading to a drawn ending with opposite coloured bishops. 0.5-0.5

Next up was Dave, who clearly had the toughest job of all of us. For a long time he maintained equality, and the best Martin could achieve was a single pawn advantage plus rather more play than Dave. At which point he offered a draw, which Dave quite rightly accepted, for the outstanding result of the evening. 1-1

On board 4, Derek rather lost his way in the middle game, dropping a knight and pawn, and was under a lot of pressure, which eventually told. 2-1

Peter, who had likewise gone a knight down, looked certain to lose when the endgame came down to his rook against Alan’s rook and two pawns. But Peter never gives up and somehow (I still don’t know how) he contrived to turn certain defeat into a draw! 2.5-1.5

So the match result hung on Steve’s game, which had been one of fluctuating fortunes. Steve had won knight for pawn, only to find himself under huge pressure from Jose’s doubled rooks. It looked as though Steve would lose a bishop and pawns, but Jose pressed too hard, allowing Steve to pin rook on king and eventually emerge  a full bishop up. Once the queens were swapped off, it was just a matter of time before Jose resigned. 2.5-2.5

This totally unexpected result meant that the Reivers had ensured their survival in division two for another season, with two matches still to play. A terrific team performance!


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