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Jeremy Handley Memorial trophy 2018

Posted by fellman01 on October 9, 2018

Thrilling chess match in Tynedale

The third annual edition of the Jeremy Handley Cup between teams from Tynedale and Morpeth was played at Corbridge on October 4th. The trophy is in memory of Jeremy Handley, who during the course of a long chess career played first for Morpeth and then for Tynedale. The match is played over as many boards as the two clubs can manage, and on this occasion it was a seven-board affair, with the following line-up:
1. Gary Murphy (184) v James Tyrner (176)
2. Derek Harris (156) v Martin Seeber (156)
3. Tim Wrigley (151) v Bob Mitcheson (141)
4. David Wrigley (148) v Paul Richards (130)
5. Peter Crichton (141) v Barrie Crowther (105)
6. Steve Larkin (112) v David Watson (94)
7. Bruce Reed (110) v Dave Armstrong (63)
First blood went to Bob Mitcheson of Morpeth on board 3. His unusual opening – 1. e4 e6 2. Qe2 – rather threw Tim Wrigley, who pursued a policy of swapping off pieces only to find himself two pawns down in a lost game. Tim’s son David levelled the score with a nice checkmate, and Steve Larkin put Tynedale ahead with a forced rook capture. On boards 5 and 7, the Tynedale players both enjoyed a one-pawn advantage but could not make it tell, with both games ending as draws. That left Tynedale leading 3-2, with just the top two boards still playing. Time pressure was now added into the mix, and Morpeth’s Martin Seeber eventually managed to crack Derek Harris’s robust defence and win a decisive piece. 3-3 and the clock still ticking! All eyes were on the top board, where Tynedale’s Gary Murphy managed to break through James Turner’s kingside defence. With his king under pressure, and desperately short of time, James blundered, and the game and therefore the match went Tynedale’s way 4-3. Whoever said chess can’t be exciting!

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