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Club championship 2021-22: rules

Posted by fellman01 on October 31, 2021

This will be a 7-round, all-play-all event, default timing 75 mins + 10 secs. Games can be played on chess.com, lichess or OTB by mutual consent. Pairings will be determined by the Crenshaw-Berger tables and will be announced at the start of each round, together with a date for completion of that round, which will be not more than three weeks ahead. White should contact his opponent, offering a couple of dates, and is responsible for issuing the challenge when the game takes place. After 6 rounds, the player with the highest score will be the new club champion. If two players are tied on the top score, there will be a play-off with colours reversed and using the same timescale as in the rounds. If 3 players are tied, the organiser will hope to invent a solution!

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