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Bulletin No 01

Tynedale Chess Club: e-bulletin no 1 (27.9.06)

This first issue of the e-bulletin concerns itself primarily with events during the course of September, but it must start by informing those of you who don’t know already that in August a team of Mike Nicholson, Mark Taylor, Tim Wrigley and Jack Bradshaw won the final of the Northumberland League Summer Knockout competition, defeating Jesmond by the narrowest possible margin. The handicap system meant we had to score 1.5 out of 4, and we did precisely that, with a win by Tim and a draw by Mike. What a way to end the old season and usher in the new!

The AGM was held on 5 September, with a good turnout of 10 members. Officers elected were Chairman Phil Taylor; Secretary Tim Wrigley; Treasurer Peter Crichton. It was decided to enter two teams in the Northumberland League and in consequence to reduce to one team our presence in the South Tyne League. Team captains for the year are First Team Mike Nicholson; Second Team Phil Taylor; South Tyne Derek Blair. It was also decided to institute a monthly e-bulletin and, hopefully, a monthly piece in the Courant.

Subscriptions for those hoping to play in the Northumberland League were fixed at £15 for adults and £10 for juniors (£10 and £5 respectively will be paid over to NCA to cover English Chess Federation registration fees, registration being an essential prerequisite for playing in the Northumberland League or individual county championships). For members choosing not to play league chess the subscription is £5. Peter is available to relieve you of your money on most club nights.

The club Championship (an all play all twice affair) got under way on 12 September, with five matches played and five clear results – all blood and guts stuff, none of your half-hearted draws here! At the time of writing, some members have already played three matches and the overall position looks like this:

Steve Larkin and Mark Taylor 2/2

Derek Blair and Matthew Taylor 2/3

Mike Nicholson 1.5/2

Peter Crichton 1.5/3

Malcolm Reid and David Wrigley 1/1

Jack Bradley 1/3

Stephen Porritt and Bruce Reed 0/1

Phil Taylor and Daniel Woodhouse 0/3

Will Steve continue in such exalted company? Highly unlikely. Will defending champion Derek go into overdrive? Rumour has it he has thrown caution to the wind and developed a hyper-aggressive style! Will ex-champion Mike blast his way into the lead? And is the club’s strongest player David Weldon simply biding his time before launching an unstoppable bid for the title? Watch this space in a month’s time.

The 42nd Northumberland County Chess Congress was held at North Shields from 23-25 September and no fewer than 7 Tynedale players took part. Mark Taylor notched up 2/5 in the Major tournament, while Peter Crichton took second place in the Minor with 4/5. Well done, Peter! David Wrigley also put up a splendid performance with 3.5/5. Matthew Taylor shared the prize for best junior with 3/5. Good stuff, Matthew! Derek Blair notched up 2.5/5, Phil Taylor 2/5and young Jack Bradley returned 1.5/5. All in all an excellent Tynedale showing.

Looking ahead, Northumberland League division 1 and division 3 matches start in the second week of October and there looks to be keen competition for places on both teams. Also, Mike is hoping to arrange a weekend evening with Tedmore Mauwa, the Zimbabwean top board for Jesmond, and two of his strong countrymen for some high-quality social chess. Mike wants to line up some strong opposition for them but of course anyone is welcome to come along to the cricket club for this event, the date of which has yet to be fixed.

That’s all the news for this time. Keep me posted.

Steve Larkin

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