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Bulletin No 25


Tynedale Chess Club: e-bulletin no 25 (18.5.09)

Your editor apologises for the delay in producing this e-bulletin, owing to his absence in the Far North for a fortnight, followed by a lot of chores to catch up with. So now it’s time to plunge straight into the action with the

Summer Knock-out

The club has entered two teams in this event, the Reivers captained by Mike Nicholson and the Tans captained by David Wrigley. Each captain has a pool of players to draw on, cutting across the normal Reivers/Tans divide. In round 1, the Reivers were drawn against Gateshead A. Mike reports as follows:

“Briefly, Dave Foster was first to finish when the identically-graded Colin Gilroy forced a draw by repetition. Phil had what looked like a balanced but highly tacticalgame with an old adversary, Robin McKay, who somehow manages only a 66 grading these days. In the end it was Phil’s more exposed king which cost him the game. Since Gateshead were playing as a Minor outfit, we were conceding 1.1/2 handicap points, so the 1.1/2 points also now conceded over the board meant that we had been KO’d already. Meanwhile Bruce was enjoying a genuinely balanced and lively game with Peter Wells which, however, yielded nothing conclusive for either side, and a draw was agreed here too. My clock as usual was ticking down against Bill Noble as we entered an ending with two rooks and two bishops each, but with a pawn advantage to me. I was sorely tempted to offer a draw, but Bill was playing very passively and I reasoned that if I could win another pawn, his position might deteriorate rapidly. It did, and I got a forced mate with a minute to spare. So 2-2 it finished.”

That result means that the Reivers play in the Plate, the next round being the quarter-finals.

The Tans, meanwhile, were drawn against Forest Hall B, though the latter subsequently withdrew, giving the Tans a bye into the next round.

South Tyne League

There has been some quite frenetic activity here, as Tynedale catch up with a backlog of fixtures. Peter Crichton, who has taken over as captain of the Tynedale team, has sent me the following reports:

“Tynedale maintained their form in the South Tyne League last night [April 8th] losing 2.5/1.5 to Friars [the handicapping required us to win over the board]. Phil was first to finish claiming sweet revenge against Bill Hardwick; the match was levelled when Peter blundered a bishop against Stephen Lowis who proceeded to wind up the game quite clinically. This left Bruce [v. Daniel O’Dowd] and Mike on board 1 against George Glover; Bruce appeared to have at least an equal game but a defensive knight move allowed his opponent a new initiative and he eventually lost a rook and the game. Mike definitely had the better game but was under extreme time pressure – nevertheless he played the ending superbly and achieved what, but for the clock, was a clear winning position – his opponent, not wishing to win a lost game on time, accepted a draw.

1.Mike ½-1/2 George [126]
2. Peter 0-1 Stephen Lowis [102]
3. Bruce 0-1 Daniel O’Dowd [100]
4. Phil 1-0 Bill Hardwick [86]


Next came a game against HaydonBridge, which went as follows:

1. Mike Nicholson [2] v Ian Mackay [3] 1-0 Default 6 – 0

2. Matthew Taylor [4] v Christine Moorcroft [6] 0-1 4 – 10

3. Phil Taylor [5] v Herbie Greener [6] 0-1 5 – 10

4. David Foster [Snr] [5] v David Tulip [8] 9 – 8

Result: HaydonBridge win 24 – 28


And finally came a match against Austins, played at the end of April. Peter writes:

“Tynedale finally broke their duck in their last game of the season with a draw against Austins. Phil on board 3 lost quickly but David redressed the balance with a fine win on board 4. Bruce then secured an excellent draw against Syd Cassidy but the captain, playing above his station, succumbed on top board. Final result:

1. Peter Crichton [3] v David Siddall [2] 0-1 0-4

2. Bruce Reed [4] v Syd Cassidy [3] ½ – ½ 2-2

3. Phil Taylor [5] v Alan Hiatt [3] 0-1 0-4

4. David Foster [5] v Drew Millar [5] 1-0 4-0



23-23 = Draw!”

Meanwhile, the Monarchs’ captain Derek Blair has been involved in a mammoth renegotiation of his team’s one remaining match, against Austins. This will now be played on Tuesday May 19th, but it seems safe to say that Monarchs are the new league champions (after several seasons languishing at the bottom of the table!).


Club Championship

Here too it has proved difficult in some instances to find suitable dates, but the Major quarter-finals are now complete. Mike Nicholson overcame David Wrigley who, if memory serves me aright, blundered a piece (if not, apologies to David!). Your editor achieved a pyrrhic victory over Bruce Reed, winning on time while almost certainly losing on the board (to be fair, a draw was offered and declined). Malcolm Reid had a barn-storming win over defending champion Peter Crichton – this game is now on the club website. And Derek Blair beat Phil Taylor. So we have three Riding Millers out of three in the semi-finals, which pit Mike against your editor and Malcolm against Derek. Whatever the outcome, we are assured of two new finalists this year.

I have no news of the Minor event, which involves just four players. I presume there has been no action as yet.


Northumbria League

It has taken your editor three years and 24 issues of the e-bulletin to wake up to the fact that the league we play in is called the Northumbria league, not the Northumberland league. Abject apologies!

No action to report here, but final league positions and statistics are now available. In division 1, the Reivers finished third from bottom, just clear of Jesmond Reprobates and Gosforth Empire, who presumably will be relegated. Individual performances were as follows:

Peter Crichton: played 3, W0 D1 L2, 17%, ave board no 5.0

Mike Nicholson:   “    11, W2 D2 L7, 28%,  “      “       “ 2.7

Mark Taylor:         “   10, W2 D4 L4, 40%,   “      “       “ 2.2

David Weldon:      “   10, W2 D3 L5, 35%,   “      “       “ 1.0

David Wrigley:      “  11, W5 D3 L3, 59%,   “       “      “  4.0

Tim Wrigley:         “   8,  W0 D0 L8,  0%,    “       “      “  4.9

Jack Bradshaw (D1, bd5) and Colin Davison (W1, bd 2) have also played.

In division 2, the Tans finished fourth, being pipped at the post for third place by Gateshead A, whose last four matches were played very late in the day (some were won by default). Still a pleasing result though. Individual performances here were:

Derek Blair:        played 10, W1 D5 L4, 35%, ave board no 1.6

Peter Crichton:        “      6,  W2 D2 L2, 50%,    “       “     “  1.0

Dave Foster:            “      8,  W5 D2 L1, 75%,    “       “     “  5.0

Steve Larkin:           “     10, W5 D3 L2, 65%,    “      “     “   3.7

Bruce Reed:            “       8,  W2 D2 L4, 37.5%  “      “     “   2.4

Malcolm Reid:        “      7,   W2 D0 L5, 28%,    “      “     “  2.75

Phil Taylor:             “      6,   W4 D1 L1, 75%,   “       “     “   4.1

Peter Booker (L1, bd 5), Matthew Taylor (D1, bd2) and Tim Wrigley (W1, bd 1) have also played.


1)      Durham Chess Congress.

 Held this year on April 17-19 at Houghton-le-Spring, this event attracted just two members of Tynedale, namely David Wrigley and your editor. Both were playing in the Minor section (under 111), which had 34 entrants, with David ranked 2nd and your editor 24th. Both took byes on the Friday night, followed by wins on the Saturday morning. David won in fine style, disposing of Johnson from Gateshead with an aggressive Caro-Kann. By contrast your editor, whose game was the last of the session to finish, was on the back foot for three-quarters of the game before a passed pawn swung things in his favour. The afternoon session saw the two Tynedale players drawn against each other, as indeed they had been in the Northumberland Rapidplay in March. David must have thought that this too was a rapidplay event, for he had it all wrapped up in half an hour – and most of that was on your editor’s clock! To be sure there were errors, but David’s attack was a joy to behold, if not to experience!

Day two began with a clash of the titans, as David mixed it with top seed Brian Bainbridge of Bishop Auckland. It was a long and very close game, which came down to a bishop and four pawns on either side, but David found himself unable to stop the advance of his opponent’s pawns and the game was lost. Meanwhile your editor found himself once again on the back foot for much of the game, went the exchange down then won it back with interest and eventually, in the closing minutes, queened a pawn, prompting his opponent’s resignation. The final round saw David canter to victory over Ray Brown of Peterlee, who threw in the sponge on finding himself with two rooks and four pawns to David’s two rooks and seven pawns. So David ended up on a highly creditable 3.5/5, which earned him a share of third place with four other players. Your editor’s final game ended in a draw by repetition after desperate defence saw off a mating attack from his opponent. So 3/5 and a share of eighth place.

2)Future events.

June 5-7 South LakesChess Congress, Grange-over-Sands

June 26-28 Hawick Chess Congress

Sept 25-27 Northumberland Chess Congress

October 23-25 Scarborough Chess Congress

3) I am sure all members will want to join me in wishing Mike all the best for his eye operation on June 12th.

That is all the news for now. There may be one more (shortish) e-bulletin before the summer break.

Steve Larkin


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