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Bulletin No 34


Tynedale Chess Club: e-bulletin no 34 (16.6.10)

The lead story this time has to be the culmination of a competition which started back in September 2009. I refer of course to the

Club Championship Final

This was played on Tuesday June 15th between Derek Blair and Peter Crichton. Derek reached the final by disposing of Steve Larkin and Jack Bradshaw, while Peter eliminated Malcolm Reid and Dave Foster. The final was a hard fought affair watched by no fewer than eleven of our present members plus Dave Foster junior! It went like this (your editor apologises in advance for the amateur nature of the annotations, which merely reflect those thoughts which occurred to him during the game). Peter had white.

d4 Nf6 2. c4 Nc6 3. Nf3 e6  (These opening moves were evidently well rehearsed and were rattled off in no time)

4. g3

(The Blumenfeld gambit, so Fritz tells me)

Bb4+ 5. Bd2 Bxd2 6. Nbxd2

(I thought Qxd2 had things going for it, but Fritz prefers the move played)

d6 7. Bg2 e5 8. d5 Ne7 9. e4 Ng6 10. b4 b6 11. c5 Qe7

(White attempts to open up the position, but black resists)

12. cxd6 cxd6 13. Rc1 O-O 14. O-O h5

(Black’s first attacking move after establishing a very solid defensive position)

15. h4

(I wondered about Ng5 followed by Bf3 for white, putting pressure on the h file. Fritz prefers Qe2 or Qb3)

Bg4 16. Rc6 Rac8 17. Qb1 Bd7 18. Rxc8 Rxc8 19. Rc1 Rxc1+

(Qd8 holds the open file for black. At this point Peter was 10 minutes down on time)

20. Qxc1 Qd8 21. Ng5 Qc8 22. Qxc8 Bxc8 23. Bh3

(Fritz suggests that Nc4 would have given white a clear advantage)

 Bxh3 24. Nxh3

(Before, white’s bishop had nowhere to go. Now it’s the knight’s turn)

Kf8 25. f4

(I had thought f3 better and Fritz agrees)


(Derek thought long and hard about this, eliminating his time advantage in the process)

26. Nxf4 Ne5 27. Kf2

(Fritz prefers b5 to this and subsequent King moves by white)

 g6 28. Ke2 Ke7 29. Ke3 Kd7 Draw agreed

So for the first time since the new format for the club championship was introduced, we have a replay in the final, when Derek will have white and each player has 75 minutes instead of 90. The replay will not take place for at least three weeks.

Summer Knockout

The club entered two teams, the Reivers and the Tans, neither of them corresponding to the teams which play under those names in the Northumbrian league. The Tans were the first in action, facing Morpeth A away. The line-up was as follows:

1. R. Coathup (200) v D. Foster (134)
2. J. Turner (170) v P. Crichton (130)
3. G. Ellames (165) v P. Taylor (122)
4. P. Eastlake (147) v P. Booker (c70)

Not surprisingly the Tans qualified for a 3.5 point handicap bonus, but predictably they went down 4-0. I understand that Dave was blown away by a superior tactician, while Phil messed up his opening, leaving himself with a two-pawn handicap and his game was over. Star man was Peter Booker who fought valiantly, only going down when his opponent had just two minutes left on his clock.

Much more recently, the Reivers had an away game against Forest Hall B on June 11th. The line-up was

1.Jeff Baird (130) v David Wrigley (155)
2.Jeff Bentham (129) v Derek Blair (131)
3.Steve Bowey (110) v Steve Larkin (126)
4.Phil Walker (86) v Bruce Reed (121)

This gave Forest Hall 1.5 handicap points, so the Reivers needed three points to win and came away with four. Derek had the toughest task, but he made the early capture of a pawn tell to such effect that he was always in command. The other three games produced comfortable wins, though after the first hour of play all three were about level. So the Reivers progress to the quarter-finals, where they face Gosforth Regents, who beat Forest Hall A by default. The Tans go into the Plate competition and are drawn away to Alnwick.

As there will not be another e-bulletin before the end of September, I refer members to the NCA website for on-going information about this competition.

South Tyne Jamboree

Held at HaydonBridge on May 18th this was, as always, a very enjoyable evening, well supported by Tynedale, who had nine members present. These were spread across three different teams. The team captained by Mike Nicholson made a storming start with 3.5 out of 4 in the first round, but proceeded to disappear off the radar in round 2. Two composite teams, one of them led by David Wrigley, came through to share first spot.

When the league presentations got under way it was an almost entirely Tynedale affair, with only Bill Hardwick, who took the board four prize, preventing a Tynedale clean sweep. Monarchs captain Derek Blair collected both the league trophy and the board two prize, while David and Tim Wrigley took the board one and three prizes respectively. Commiserations to Phil Taylor, who was listed in Syd’s league document as board 3 winner with 4.5 out of 5, till it came to light that two of Tim’s games had been omitted and he had a perfect 6/6! Even the raffle came Tynedale’s way, your editor collecting an unexpected bottle of wine. Long may the South Tyne league prosper!


The date for the Club’s AGM is Tuesday September 7th at 7.30 p.m. at the Dyvels. One of the items we will need to consider is how we approach selection for the Northumbrian league in the 2010-11 season. To help us make decisions about this, I attach a questionnaire at the end of this e-bulletin. I should be most grateful if every member could complete it and return it to me ASAP.

Forthcoming events.

September 24-26 Northumberland Chess Congress.

And that concludes the e-bulletins for this season. Your editor wishes you all an excellent summer break and looks forward to the quantum leap forward in standards of play which he fondly imagines will characterise club members in the forthcoming season.

Steve Larkin

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