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Bulletin No 35


Tynedale Chess Club: e-bulletin no 35 (29.9.10)

Will the 2010-2011 season belong to the Wrigleys pere et fils? The way things are going at present it very well might. So I shall start with

The Carlisle rapidplay event.

This annual event organized by Syd Cassidy was held this year in the Carlisle Working Men’s Club on Sunday September 19th. It attracted the attentions of four club members. David Wrigley took the plunge and opted to play in the Open event, for players with a grading above 150. Given that his grade this year is 147, that was a brave decision which ranked him ninth of the ten players involved. So to return a score of 3/5, finishing equal fourth and picking up a grading prize in the process was a considerable achievement and a very promising start to the new season.

Tim Wrigley, Peter Crichton and Steve Larkin all played in the Major (120-150), which attracted fourteen players. Not to be outdone by Wrigley minor, Tim lost his opening game before blasting to four wins out of four and a share of first prize, suggesting that he too will be a force to be reckoned with this season. Peter and Steve had mixed fortunes, both ending up on 2/5. A special word of thanks is due to Bill Hardwick, who played all three Tynedale entrants and lost to all three!

Wind the clock forward a few days and we come to the

Northumberland County Congress

This 46th edition was held at the Parks, North Shields on September 24-26 and brought together 18 players in the Open, 30 in the major and 36 in the Minor. Five club members attended, David Wrigley and Jack Bradshaw playing the Major (136-165), and Tim Wrigley, Bruce Reed and Steve Larkin the Minor.

David, ranked 19th of the 30 entries, simply carried on where he had left off at Carlisle, winning his Friday evening match against an opponent graded 163. Saturday morning brought a blip when he lost on time, before defeating Martin Seeber (graded 160) in the afternoon. Sunday brought a win in the morning against Kevin Wilson and a draw with Brendan o’Gorman in the afternoon. So he finished on 3.5/5 and once again picked up a grading prize, a well-deserved reward for an excellent weekend’s work.

Also in the Major, Jack joined the fray on the Saturday, recording two very good draws against Martin Seeber and then Clarke of Tynemouth, graded 150. Sunday brought him another very solid draw, before he went down in the final round to James Turner, graded 165. For Jack, whose grade is 137, to come away with three draws out of four in a field where he was ranked 25th of the 30 players was no mean achievement.

In the Minor, Tim was in serious danger of being overshadowed by his upstart son, but he was having none of it. Like David, he won his Friday evening game and went one better by winning on Saturday morning, before drawing in the afternoon aginst Chris Smith of Tynemouth, who like Tim had had a 100% record up till then. On Sunday, he stuttered in round 4, conceding a draw to Sophie Seeber after being a knight up, but he made no mistake in round 5, defeating Stan Johnson to finish on 4/5 and once again pick up a share of first prize. One way and another, it will come as no surprise to readers to learn that chewing-gum shares have risen steeply!

Also in the Minor, Bruce had a win on the Saturday morning followed by a loss in the afternoon, while Steve did the same thing but the other way round. On the Sunday, Bruce lost a hard fought game against Alex Johnson and then passed in order to watch Newcastle lose at home to Stoke – he might have been better off playing chess! Steve slogged his way through two very long games, drawing the first and winning the second (despite playing the most appalling chess!) to finish on a flattering 3/5.

Club Championship

I must start by congratulating our new club champion, Peter Crichton, who back in July overcame Derek Blair in the replay of their championship contest. This is the first time that a final has gone to a second game, and Peter’s is the first name to appear on the trophy twice since the championship came under new management (results before that went unrecorded and are lost in the mists of time). Peter has sent me the following score of the game, though he does not vouch for its entire accuracy beyond move 34!

d4,d5; 2. Nc3, Bf5; 3. Nf3, e6; 4.h3, h6; 5. g4, Bh7; 6.Bg2, Bb4; 7. O-O, Bxc3; 8. bxc3, Ne7; 9. Nd2, Nd7; 10. e4, c6; 11. f4, Nf6; 12. Qe1, dxe4; 13. Nxe4, Nxe4; 14. Bxe4, Bxe4; 15. Qxe4, Qd5; 16. Qd3, h5; 17. c4, Qd7; 18. f5,hxg4; 19. hxg4, Rh4; 20. Rf4, exf5; 21. gxf5, Rxf4; 22. Bxf4, Qxf5; 23. Qxf5, Nxf5; 24. Re1+, Kd7; 25. c3, Re8; 26. Rxe8, Kxe8; 27. Kf2, Kd7; 28. Kf3, Ke6; 29. Ke4, Nd6+; 30. Kd3, Nc8; 31. Ke4, Nb6; 32. Kd3, Na4; 33. c5, Nb2+; 34. Ke4, Nc4; 35. Bb8, f5+; 36. Kf3, a6; 37. Kf4, Kf6; 38. Bc7, g5+; 39. Kf3, Nd2+; 40. Ke3, Ne4; 41. Be5+, Ke6; 42. Kf3, Nxc3; 43. a3, Nb5; 44. Ke3, Kd5; 45. Ke2, Nxd4+.

As for the current season, there has been a gratifying response to the organiser’s plea for more active participation by the membership, as will be apparent from the table below:

Dave Foster 2.5/3
Jack Bradshaw 2/2
Jeremy Handley 1.5/2
David Wrigley 1/1
Tim Wrigley 1/1
Steve Larkin 1/3
Mike Nicholson 1/3
Bruce Reed 0.5/2
Derek Blair 0.5/3
Peter Booker 0/2

With club champion Peter Crichton and club chairman Phil Taylor yet to make a move, it looks like being a much more competitive business to make the top eight this year. Please keep up the good work!

Summer Knockout.

As this event went largely unrecorded during the summer recess, here is a summary of what happened. In the opening round, as recorded in e-bulletin no 34, a Tans team was knocked out by Morpeth A, while a Reivers team defeated Forest Hall B. In the quarter-finals of the main competition, the Reivers (David Wrigley, Derek Blair, Steve Larkin and Tim Wrigley) defeated Gosforth Regents by 3.5 to 0.5. In the semi-finals, the Reivers (Jack Bradshaw, Derek Blair, Steve Larkin and Tim Wrigley) made their exit, losing 1.5 to 2.5 against Tynemouth Castles. In the quarter-finals of the Plate, the Tans (Mike Nicholson, Dave Foster, Phli Taylor and Peter Booker) drew 2 all against Alnwick but progressed by virtue of having a lower total grading. In the semi-finals, the Tans (Mike Nicholson, Dave Foster, Peter Crichton and Matthew Taylor) blew Tynemouth Warriors away 4-0 and so met Morpeth B in the final. A report on the match can be found in the county bulletin no 115. The Tans team of Mike Nicholson, Dave Foster, Peter Crichton and Matthew Taylor went down 3-1 in less than ideal circumstances, but overall both Tynedale teams put up creditable performances and made their mark on the respective competitions.

And so to more mundane matters.

Club AGM.

This was held at the Dyvels on Tuesday September 7th. There were 10 members present and four apologies for absence. Phil Taylor, Tim Wrigley and Peter Crichton were all reconfirmed as Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Team captains remain the same except that Dave Foster takes over from Peter Crichton as captain of the Tynedale team, now renamed the Dyvels, in the South Tyne league. The club championship organiser, publicity officer and webmaster remain unchanged.

Northumbria league

The league structure has not, after all, been revised, so Tynedale Tans play in division one and Tynedale Reivers in division two. David Wrigley captains the Tans and Steve Larkin the Reivers. Details of the respective squads have already been circulated. An intriguing season awaits us.

2010-2011 gradings.

This season’s gradings are as follows:

David Weldon 161 (-1)
Peter Crichton 151 (+21)
Mike Nicholson 147 (-2)
David Wrigley 147 (-8)
Derek Blair 139 (+8)
Jack Bradshaw 137 (-9)
Tim Wrigley 131 (+7)
Dave Foster 130 (-3)
Matthew Taylor 130 (+3)
Bruce Reed 127 (+7)
Steve Larkin 121 (-5)
Phil Taylor 120 (=)
Malcolm Reid 115 (+2)
Peter Booker 65 (-)

So of our 14 members, 7 have improved, 5 have declined, one stays the same and one is graded for the first time. Collectively, we are up 22 grading points, which is due almost entirely to Peter Crichton’s spectacular rise. It is nice to know that his outstanding record last season has won him the Vaughan medal as the county’s most improved player. Congratulations on this well-deserved distinction.

On a more sobering note, Peter apart we remain as a club almost exactly where we were last year in terms of playing strength. And we still have not a single representative in the list of top North-East grades for the new season. 43 players are listed with grades in excess of 170. Tynemouth have 7 players in the list, Kings have 6, Jesmond 3, Gateshead, Consett and Morpeth 2, and Alnwick, Forest Hall and South Shields one each. It looks like being a tough ride in division one again.


Jeremy Handley has joined us as a country member, while retaining his allegiance to Morpeth. We are delighted to welcome him, and he has already entered the fray in the club championship. His grade this year is 141, down 12 on last year (I give that last piece of information “pour encourager les autres”).

Forthcoming events.

October 1-3 Whitby Chess Congress

October 22-24 Scarborough Chess Congress

And that’s all till next time.

Steve Larkin

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