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Reivers v Monarchs

Posted by Tim W on January 31, 2020

Match Played at Corbridge Thu 30 Jan 2020
Monarchs Reivers
Peter Crichton 3 2-2 2 Tim Wrigley
Steve Larkin 5 4-0 5 Dave Humphreys
Christine Moorcroft 5 4-0 6 Johnny Kearney
Dave Foster Jnr 8 0-4 9 Tim Barmby
21 10-6 22

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South Shields B v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on April 20, 2018

This match was played at South Shields on Thursday April 19th, with the following line-up:

  1. Brian Towers (158) v Ian Mackay (137)
  2. Ian Maughan (138) v Steve Larkin (116)
  3. Eddie Czestochowski (131) v Derek Blair (112)
  4. Chris Sayers (133) v Dave Humphreys (82)
  5. Asanga Gunasekera v Default

Derek’s game finished first, when the loss of a piece early on proved too great a handicap.

Dave was holding his own till he allowed a lethal knight fork of King and Queen.

Ian notched up what he described as a fairly dull end-of-season draw.

And finally, Steve accepted the offer of a draw in a complex position with opposite-coloured bishops and Steve’s two pawns to Ian’s one.

So South Shields won 4-1 and both sides completed their season. Fortunately for the Reivers, there was nothing at stake, as they finished third from bottom of the division, having played 10 games, winning 3, drawing one and losing 6.

Many thanks to all 10 players who turned out for the side. The season’s statistics follow:

Steve  Played 9 Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 5   33%   Ave board 2.7

Dave H    ”     8      ”     2     ”     1    ”    5   c30%           ”         5.0

Ian            ”    7      ”     3     ”     3    ”    1     64%           ”         2.0

Peter C     ”    6      ”     1     ”     4    ”     1    50%           ”         1.3

Bruce       ”    5      ”     2     ”     2    ”     1    60%           ”          3.6

Derek B   ”    5      ”     0     ”     0     ”    5       0%          ”          3.8

Christine  ”   4      ”     2     ”     0     ”    2     50%          ”          4.8

Derek H    ”   3      ”     1    ”      2     ”    0     66%          ”          1.0

James (1 win) and Tim (1 draw) also played.

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Reivers v Gateshead

Posted by fellman01 on April 6, 2018

This match was played at Corbridge on Thursday April 5th, with with the following line-up:

  1. Peter Crichton (143) v Denise Mosse (135)
  2. Steve Larkin (116) v Bill Noble (126)
  3. Bruce Reed (112) v Peter Wells (120)
  4. Christine Moorcroft (92) v Alex Johnson (121)
  5. Dave Humphreys (82) v Asa Bayram (u)

First to finish was Steve, who dropped a bishop for a pawn early on, and was then helpless to defend against a kingside attack. He was completely outplayed. 0-1

Next up was Christine, who pulled off a splendid victory, turning an even position decisively in her favour by attacking both of Alex’s rooks simultaneously, whereupon Alex resigned. 1-1

Dave, like Steve, went a piece down and struggled on for a while against an opponent who clearly knew what he was doing, before the pressure became too much. 1-2

Peter was two pawns up and looking strong, when an ill-advised knight move dropped a pawn and paved the way for a devastating kingside attack which Peter was helpless to resist. 1-3

Bruce’s game was closely contested throughout and was completely even when his opponent offered a draw, which Bruce accepted, the match result having already been decided. 1.5-3.5

Fortunately, nothing hung on the result, Gateshead’s relegation and the Reivers’ survival in division two having been settled in advance of this match.

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Morpeth B v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on March 29, 2018

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday March 28th, with the following line-up:

  1. Alan Welsh (148) v Peter Crichton (143)
  2. Geoff Loxham (143) v Ian Mackay (137)
  3. Jose Grueso ( 141) v Steve Larkin (116)
  4. Paul Richards (137) v Derek Blair (112)
  5. Martin Shaw (134) v Dave Humphreys (82)

This was always going to be a very tough match, the Morpeth side having already qualified for promotion into Division One of the league for next season.

Ian’s game was the first to finish, with Geoff instigating a wholesale swapping off of pieces leading to a drawn ending with opposite coloured bishops. 0.5-0.5

Next up was Dave, who clearly had the toughest job of all of us. For a long time he maintained equality, and the best Martin could achieve was a single pawn advantage plus rather more play than Dave. At which point he offered a draw, which Dave quite rightly accepted, for the outstanding result of the evening. 1-1

On board 4, Derek rather lost his way in the middle game, dropping a knight and pawn, and was under a lot of pressure, which eventually told. 2-1

Peter, who had likewise gone a knight down, looked certain to lose when the endgame came down to his rook against Alan’s rook and two pawns. But Peter never gives up and somehow (I still don’t know how) he contrived to turn certain defeat into a draw! 2.5-1.5

So the match result hung on Steve’s game, which had been one of fluctuating fortunes. Steve had won knight for pawn, only to find himself under huge pressure from Jose’s doubled rooks. It looked as though Steve would lose a bishop and pawns, but Jose pressed too hard, allowing Steve to pin rook on king and eventually emerge  a full bishop up. Once the queens were swapped off, it was just a matter of time before Jose resigned. 2.5-2.5

This totally unexpected result meant that the Reivers had ensured their survival in division two for another season, with two matches still to play. A terrific team performance!

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Reivers v Tynemouth B

Posted by fellman01 on March 16, 2018

This Northumbrian League division 2 match was played at Corbridge on Thursday, March 15th, with the following line-up:

  1. Derek Harris (u) v Keith Rockett (151)
  2. Ian Mackay (137) v Steve Burnell (145)
  3. Steve Larkin (116) v Dave Hair (136)
  4. Christine Moorcroft (92) v Dave Jarema (137)
  5. Dave Humphreys (82) v Ray Garside (126)

Given this line-up, it looked as though the most we could hope for was to draw the match. After an hour’s play, all games looked more or less even, but thereafter I saw nothing of the other games until my own was finished, by which time Derek had won and Christine, Dave and myself had all lost. Ian’s game was the last to finish, and his opponent conceded when two pawns down. So a narrow loss by 3 points to 2 against a significantly stronger side.

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Reivers v Tynemouth C

Posted by fellman01 on February 16, 2018

This match was played at Corbridge on Thursday Feb 15th 2018, with the following line-up:

  1. Peter Crichton (143) v Gary Cornwall (154)
  2. Ian Mackay (137) v Chris Smith (147)
  3. Steve Larkin (116) v Dennis White (126)
  4. Bruce Reed (112) v Phil Jackson (111)
  5. Christine Moorcroft (92) v Joe Murray (108)

With Tynemouth C second top of the division and the Reivers third from bottom, this was always going to be a difficult match, confirmed by the respective grading of the teams. However, Bruce galloped to an early victory  and was followed a little later by Christine with another win – the best possible start for the Reivers.

The top three boards finished much later, having started almost half an hour after the bottom two boards. Ian had a dead level position against Chris, only to lose the game by a single error. Peter’s game and Steve’s went to the wire, finishing almost simultaneously. Steve had a small material advantage but was down on time and played the final dozen moves or so on increments, until Dennis accepted his second offer of a draw. Peter’s game was dead level and his offer of a draw was likewise accepted. So to their amazement, the Reivers emerged victorious by 3 points to 2, a win which, with luck, should ensure their survival in division 2.

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Gosforth Regents v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on January 16, 2018

This match was played at Gosforth on Monday January 15th, with the following line-up:

  1. Dave Stebbings (140) v Peter Crichton (143)
  2. David Baynes (134) v James Ross (u)
  3. Martin Beardsley (131) v Steve Larkin (116)
  4. Kurt Moreby (131) v Derek Blair (112)
  5. Paul Costello (125) v Dave Humphreys (82)

First to finish was Derek, who was comprehensively taken apart by Kurt, whose queen ripped through the rear of Derek’s position.

Next came Dave, who committed three blunders, losing a piece on each occasion.

Steve, after a lengthy and very cagey opening phase, failed to spot a neat move which obliged him to trade queen, rook and pawn for two rooks and a knight, after which Martin closed in for the kill. So 3-0 down and the match already lost.

However, some pride was salvaged by James, who entered the end-game a piece up and finished with a nice pin, making possible a queen checkmate.

Last of all, Peter somehow kept his cool in a protracted and very tight endgame, before converting his slight material advantage into a win.

So the final result, 3-2 in Gosforth’s favour, looks quite respectable. If only the bottom three boards could have managed one draw between them, it would have been an excellent result.

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Alnwick A v Tynedale Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on December 7, 2017

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday, December 6th 2017, with the following line-up:

  1. George Ellames (151) v Derek Harris (u)
  2. Ralph Firth (125) v Peter Crichton (143)
  3. Paul Castledine (106) v Ian Mackay (137)
  4. Vincent Cowley (78) v Steve Larkin (116)
  5. Isaac Mills ((70 rapid) v Dave Humphreys (82)

Dave gave us a good start, going knight for pawn up early on, and eventually winning a king and pawns ending, where his extra pawn could not be stopped from queening. 0-1

Next to finish was Peter, whose game turned into a very solid draw. 0.5-1.5

Shortly afterwards, Ian dispatched Paul, whose pawns he had reduced to disarray by the endgame. 0.5-2.5

The most amazing result came on board 4 where Steve, who had struggled throughout, launched a sacrificial attack, offering rook for 2 pawns, to open up the white king. Vincent was so taken aback that he resigned on the spot, though as various spectators pointed out afterwards, the sacrifice was unsound and offered white a certain win! 0.5-3.5

The top board went to the wire. In the final stages, the game was level materially, though George had a very slight edge positionally. However, Derek was able to hold the position comfortably and a draw was agreed. 1-4

So this must-win match duly produced the hoped for result for the Reivers, who now move out of the relegation zone and have 4 teams below them.

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Reivers v Forest Hall Chieftains

Posted by fellman01 on November 24, 2017

This match was played at Corbridge on November 23rd, with the following line-up:

  1. Ian Mackay (137) v Mike Smith (153)
  2. Steve Larkin (116) v Mark Broughton (133)
  3. Bruce Reed (112) v Johnny Wall jr (148)
  4. Derek Blair (112) v Paul Charlton (132)
  5. Christine Moorcroft (92) v John Wall sr (131)

Only Ian, who pulled off a commendable draw on top board, saved us from a whitewash, but at least the other four games were quite closely contested, and we managed to keep our opponents on their toes for two and a half hours or so. Christine’s game, in particular, seemed a close one and, along with Ian’s, was the last to finish. Both Bruce and Derek went a piece down in the middle game and never recovered from that handicap. Steve unwisely sacrificed a knight for two pawns (he had been hoping for three!) to open up black’s king, only to find himself on the end of an irresistible mating attack. So we lost by a half to four and a half to a side which must surely be a contender for promotion to the first division.

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Reivers v Gosforth Ivy

Posted by northman on October 29, 2017

The Reivers secured a narrow 3-2 win over Gosforth Ivy last Thursday; the results were as follows:

  1. Derek Harris v Geoff Harrison 1/2
  2. Peter Crichton v Kurt Moreby 1/2
  3. Ian Mackay v Robert Heyman 1-0
  4. Bruce Reed v Joe Chan 1-0
  5. Dave Humphreys v Gary Clarke 0-1

Bruce’s game, which he described as “wild”, finished early and successfully; Peter’s followed when both players confessed that neither knew who had the better position and agreed to a draw. Ian’s win over Robert Heyman left the team needing a half point from one of the remaining games on top and bottom boards ; both looked to be heading for safe draws but Dave, in time trouble, missed a tactic leaving Derek needing the draw to secure the match: with rook, knight and pawns against rook, bishop and pawns he managed to gain a pawn advantage but with time running short and mindful of the match situation he offered a draw which was accepted.

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