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NCA – End of Season League Tables

Posted by Tim W on May 3, 2017

Division One

Team Name Played Wins Draws Losses Game Points Match Points
Forest Hall Admirals 10 8 1 1 32 17
Gosforth Empire 10 6 2 2 33 14
Tynemouth A 10 5 0 5 26.5 10
South Shields A 10 4 2 4 26.5 10
Durham City 10 4 2 4 25.5 10
Morpeth A 10 4 2 4 25.5 10
Leam Lane Aces 10 4 2 4 25.5 10
Tynedale Tans 10 4 2 4 23.5 10
Jesmond Knights 10 3 3 4 25 9
South Shields B 10 2 3 5 18 7
Gosforth Regents 10 1 1 8 14 3

Division Three

Team Name Played Wins Draws Losses Game Points Match Points
Tynedale Reivers 9 7 2 0 30.5 16
Tynemouth C 9 7 0 2 35.5 14
Gosforth E 9 4 3 2 24.5 11
Forest Hall Dragoons 9 3 3 3 22 9
Tynemouth D 9 3 3 3 21 9
Morpeth C 9 4 1 4 20 9
Forest Hall Ensigns 8 3 2 3 21 8
South Shields C 8 2 3 3 18 7
Forest Hall F 7 0 2 5 9.5 2
Alnwick B 9 0 1 8 13 1


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Reivers’ statistics 2016-17

Posted by fellman01 on March 17, 2017

Steve     played 9    won 5    drew 2    lost 2    66%    average board 3.4

Derek B      ”   6      ”   3      ”    1      ”   2   55%        ”              ”    3.0

Peter C       ”   5      ”   2      ”    2      ”   1   60%        ”              ”    1.0

Dave H      ”   5       ”   3      ”    0      ”   2   60%       ”              ”    5.0

Bruce         ”   4      ”   4      ”    0      ”   0  100%      ”              ”    4.3

Ian             ”    3      ”   2      ”     1      ”   0   c85%     ”               ”    1.7

Alex           ”   3      ”   1       ”     0     ”   2    33%       ”               ”   2.3

David Wr  ”  2      ”   1       ”     0     ”    1   50%       ”               ”   1.0

Gary, Tim, Malcolm and Peter B all played and won one game.

Derek Harris played and drew one game.

Dave Foster jr played and lost one game.

In all, 14 members played for the Reivers.

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Reivers v Gosforth E

Posted by fellman01 on March 17, 2017

This match was played at Corbridge on Thursday March 16th, with the following line-up:

  1. Derek Harris (u) v Noel Boustred (134)
  2. Alex Ashworth (131) v Tony Neville (92)
  3. Derek Blair (119) v Dave Turner (107)
  4. Steve Larkin (120) v Brian Ord (88)
  5. Bruce Reed (107) v Default

On the face of it, this looked likely to be a comfortable win for the Reivers, the more so when Gosforth’s boards 2 and 3 only arrived after their clocks had been ticking for some twenty minutes (Gosforth had already defaulted on board 5 before the match). But in chess, as we all know, nothing is certain and, sure enough, Derek B and Alex both lost their games in quick succession: I saw nothing of their games and so cannot comment. 1-2

The two remaining games were much longer affairs. Steve’s game involved fierce kingside attacks by both sides, but though Brian fired the first shot, Steve’s response ensured that both queens came off, thereby neutralising Brian’s attack, while also winning rook for pawn. Brian fought a long rearguard action but, once a forced swap of rooks occurred, the writing was on the wall. 2-2

Derek Harris made a welcome return to the club and, though a pawn down in the endgame, managed to hold the drawn position – no mean feat in his first over-the-board game for many months. 2.5-2.5

And so the Reivers completed their season undefeated, with 7 wins and 2 draws from 9 matches, leaving clear water between them and the second-placed side in the division. Congratulations to all involved – a splendid team effort!

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Promotion and league title!

Posted by fellman01 on March 2, 2017

The Reivers played their penultimate Northumbrian league match, against Morpeth C, on Wednesday March 1st 2017, with the following line-up:

  1. Alan Welsh (145) v Peter Crichton (139)
  2. Jose Grueso (148) v Ian Mackay (137)
  3. Harry Robinson (115) v Alex Ashworth (131)
  4. Barrie Crowther (u) v Derek Blair (119)
  5. Gary Pollard (u) v Steve Larkin (120)

The top three boards finished at much the same time. I saw nothing of Peter’s game and so cannot comment, but it was a respectable result for him against a strong opponent. 0.5-0.5

Ian won the endgame comfortably, sacrificing a passed pawn on one side of the board, while mopping up his opponent’s pawns on the other. 0.5-1.5

Alex seemed to be doing most of the pressing and won by resignation when there was still a lot of material on the board. 0.5-2.5

The last two boards finished much later. Derek’s game was close throughout, but he went from a pawn down to a pawn up and made the difference tell in the endgame. 0.5-3.5

Steve picked up a couple of pawns in the middle game, but have to give one back later. With his King, bishop and four pawns to Garry’s King, bishop and three and with time beginning to run out, Steve offered the draw, which was accepted. 1-4

A fine victory, which left Morpeth’s non-playing captain, David Watson, clearly taken aback. “I thought I’d picked a strong team”, he remarked somewhat ruefully after the match. And he had, but the Reivers rose splendidly to the challenge. As a result of their win, they are clear at the top of division three with one game in hand, and cannot now be caught by any other side. Promotion and the division three title are theirs!


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Reivers v Alnwick B

Posted by fellman01 on February 23, 2017

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017, with the following line-up:

  1. Ian Mackay (137) v Ralph Firth (120)
  2. Alex Ashworth (131) v Richard Perry (94)
  3. Derek Blair (119) v Vincent Cowley (72)
  4. Steve Larkin (120) v Christopher Cox (49)
  5. Bruce Reed (107) v Joe Hemsley (u)

This match had a Reivers win written all over it, but it didn’t go entirely to plan.

Steve was first to finish, an easy win with mate inevitable after 35 minutes. 1-0

Next came Bruce, who had a comfortable win against a young and inexperienced opponent. 2-0

Ian’s game with his old friend Ralph (the first time they had ever gone head to head) was evenly matched until Ralph blundered a rook. 3-0

Derek’s game was likewise finely balanced until his pressure on the pawn guarding white’s king became irresistible and his opponent resigned. 4-0

Alex started from a cramped position and was never able to mobilise all his pieces. With his king exposed and his opponent’s doubled rooks threatening mayhem, he resigned. 4-1

This win takes the Reivers back to the top of the table, overtaking Tynemouth C, who had lost the previous night to Morpeth C. So the Reivers are one point clear with a game in hand over Tynemouth C who, together with Gosforth E, are the only sides who can now overtake the Reivers. Dare we mention the P word yet? I think not!


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Tynemouth D v Rievers

Posted by fellman01 on February 8, 2017

This match was played at Tynemouth on Tuesday Feb 7th, 2017, with the following line-up:

  1. Richard Oxnard (122) v Peter Crichton (139)
  2. Phil Jackson (121) v Ian Mackay (135)
  3. Dennis White (110) v Steve Larkin (120)
  4. Dennis Beagarie (110) v Bruce Reed (107)
  5. Peter Combellack (90) v Dave Humphreys (70)

First to finish was Steve, who had a fierce kingside attack going, when a miscalculation led to the loss of a bishop for a pawn. Fortunately, Steve still had mating threats and Dennis, while defending, blundered a rook and resigned. 0-1

Next was Bruce who went the exchange up early on, picked up a couple of pawns and had both rooks active on Dennis’s third rank, at which point Dennis resigned. 0-2

On board 1 Peter applied steady queenside pressure with his pawn majority, until it became clear that Richard could not contain the advance without serious material loss. 0-3

Ian’s game was level throughout, with Phil covering everything Ian tried and, with the match result decided, a draw was agreed. 0.5-3.5

Finally, Dave took his opponent to a King and pawns ending which he eventually lost, though he certainly made his opponent work hard for the win. 1.5-3.5

So the Reivers’ quest for promotion continues unabated, with eleven match points from a possible twelve, putting them on top of division 3 once more. Well done, team!

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Reivers v Forest Hall Ensigns

Posted by fellman01 on January 20, 2017

This match was played at Corbridge on Thursday, January 19th, with the following line-up:

  1. Peter Crichton (139) v Roy Perrier (121)
  2. Steve Larkin (120) v Alex Brodie (u)
  3. Malcolm Reid (107) v Tom Macallister (95)
  4. Dave Foster jr (94) v Weiming Xu (99)
  5. Dave Humphreys (70) v Jamie McIntosh (91)

First to finish was Dave F, who lost, but I saw nothing of his game so I cannot comment. 0-1

Next up was Peter, who clearly had the better of the opening, and the pressure he was able to apply proved decisive. 1-1

Malcolm launched one of his sacrificial attacks, which this time paid off, opening up his opponent’s king and leading to mate. 2-1

Dave Humphreys was a last-minute replacement for Christine and acquitted himself well, going into the endgame a piece up and making it tell. 3-1

Steve’s opponent had an answer to everything Steve tried, and in the endgame exploited his 2 pawn advantage with great skill. 3-2

This win gives us 9 points from a possible 10 and leaves us well placed for promotion. Well done, team!

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Forest Hall Dragoons v Reivers

Posted by fellman01 on January 14, 2017



This match was played at Forest Hall on Friday January 13th, with the following line-up:

  1. Steve Bowey (127) v Gary Murphy (164)
  2. Jeff Baird (115) v Derek Blair (119)
  3. Rolf Millar (111) v Steve Larkin (120)
  4. Mark Broughton (121) v Dave Foster jr (94)
  5. David Ridley (41) v Dave Humphreys (70)

First to finish was board 3, where Steve was up against two players, himself and Rolf. Not surprisingly, this combination proved highly successful, relieving Steve first of his queen and then of a bishop. Time to take up tiddlywinks! 1-0

Derek’s game resolved into a dead level position where both players had two rooks, one bishop and seven pawns. Derek was offered a draw and, after consultation with his captain (well done, Derek!) took it. 1.5-0.5

On board 5, Dave achieved a pawn majority in the endgame which he exploited nicely. His opponent resigned when it became apparent that he could not stop Dave queening a pawn. 1.5-1.5

Gary had gone knight for pawn up early in his game and then, by his own admission, switched off somewhat and allowed Steve back into the game, before focussing once more and achieving a winning series of pins. 1.5-2.5

Last to finish was Dave F, who found himself in a severely cramped position with his opponent pushing a passed pawn. Dave defended stoutly, but Mark’s clever use of a bishop pair ensured that the pawn could not be stopped. 2.5-2.5

So the Reivers remain unbeaten, but their captain is confined to the dunce’s corner!


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Tynedale Reivers v South Shields C

Posted by fellman01 on November 30, 2016

This match was played at Riding Mill on Tuesday November 29th, with the following line-up:

  1. David Wrigley (170) v Ben Wood (121)
  2. Peter Crichton (139) v Stan Johnson (114)
  3. Derek Blair (119) v Gary Hunter (107)
  4. Steve Larkin (120) v Mike Savin (105)
  5. Bruce Reed (107) v Brendan Glasper (80)

On the face of it, this looked like a comfortable fixture for the Reivers, but once again the old adage “There’s no such thing as an easy game in chess” proved true. The South Shields lads really rose to the occasion and every game was hard fought. Curiously, no player with white managed a win. Derek set the trend, being the first to finish in a game where the initiative see-sawed rather. He was followed quite a bit later by the Reivers’ two players with white, Peter and Steve, both of whom drew and both of whom felt lucky to do so. On top board, David, who was down to 90 seconds while his opponent had 10 minutes, somehow contrived to turn what looked like a sure-fire draw into a win by excellent tactical play under pressure. And in the final minutes Bruce broke the deadlock in his game and went significant material up, leaving his opponent no obvious response. So the Reivers ended up winning 4-1, but frankly on the night the difference between the two teams was paper-thin!

The highlight of the evening came long before any of the games were completed, when Derek was heard to exclaim “Where’s my King?” Sure enough, it was nowhere to be found on the board and eventually turned up amongst the pieces which had already been taken. The next problem was to work out where on the board it belonged, and fortunately Gary could remember. As a preservative against checkmate, this Blairism seems hard to beat!

So at the Christmas break, the Reivers have won 3 out of 3 matches. An excellent start, but there are plenty of challenges ahead.

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Tynedale Reivers v Forest Hall F

Posted by fellman01 on November 23, 2016

This Northumbrian League division 3 match was played at Riding Mill on Tuesday November 22nd, with the following line-up:

  1. Peter Crichton (139) v Mike Smith (146)
  2. Steve Larkin (120) v Weiming Xu (99)
  3. Bruce Reed (107) v Varnu Boora (43)
  4. Peter Booker (90) v Tony Gao (u)
  5. Dave Humphreys (70) v Ravi Boora (u)

The bottom three boards were decided relatively rapidly and all in our favour. Weiming was in a different class and fought hard to the bitter end – Steve had just three minutes on his clock when he finally mated his opponent. Peter drew the short straw – we had been expecting a team made up entirely of youngsters – and succumbed after a closely fought game. So 4-1 to the Reivers and a second victory under our belts, but future opponents will all be stronger than this Forest Hall team.

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