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Jamboree Results

Posted by Tim W on May 24, 2019

This post has been moved to the South Tyne Website

S Tyne Website

S Tyne Jamboree

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Jamboree & Ladder Night

Posted by Tim W on March 3, 2019

Two Dates for your diary.

The South Tyne Jamboree will be held in the Haydonian Club on Thu 23rd May

The South Tyne Ladder night at the Haydonian Club is Tue 19th March.

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South Tyne Jamboree

Posted by fellman01 on May 25, 2016

Jamboree 3 round event
Played at Haydon Bridge on May 24th 2016
4 teams of 4 players                     Round 1
Board        White    Res  Res           Black
1    C1 P. Crichton    0      1        B1 G. Glover
2    D1 T. Wrigley     0     1         A1 G. Murphy
3    A2  I. Mackay     1     0         C2  D. Blair
4    B2  P. Walters   1     0         D2  M. Byrne
5    B3  D. Millar       0     1        A3  D. Foster sr
6    D3  B. Burgess    1     0        C3  B. Reed
7    C4  D. Foster jr   1     0         B4  A. Little
8    D4  B. Hardwick 1     0         A4  D. Rudge
                                                            Round 2
Board       White    Res  Res                Black
1   B1   G. Glover       0      1       A1  G. Murphy
2   D1   T. Wrigley    0      1       C1   P. Crichton
3   C2   D. Blair          0      1       B2   P. Walters
4   D2   M. Byrne      1      0       A2   I. Mackay
5   A3   D. Foster sr  0      1       C3   B. Reed
6   B3   D. Millar       0.5   0.5      D3   S. Larkin
7   A4   D. Rudge      0     1       C4    D. Foster jr
8   B4   A. Little         0      1       D4   B. Burgess
                                                          Round 3
Board     White    Res  Res               Black
1   A1  G. Murphy    1      0     C1  P. Crichton
2   B1   G. Glover     0      1     D1  T. Wrigley
3   B2   P. Walters   0      1     A2   I. Mackay
4   D2   S.Larkin      0      1     C2   D. Blair
5   C3   B. Reed         0      1     B3   D. Millar
6   D3   B. Burgess   1      0     A3   D. Foster sr
7   A4   D. Rudge      1      0     B4   A. Little
8   C4   D. Foster jr  0.5    0.5   D4   B. Hardwick
        Team                      Rnd 1     Rnd 2     Rnd 3   Total
A   Haydon Bridge          3             1              3            7
B   Friars                           2             1.5          1             4.5
C   Monarchs                   1             3             1.5          5.5
D   Angels/Austins        2            2.5           2.5          7
Haydon Bridge win when board 4 results are discounted.

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S Tyne Jamboree

Posted by Tim W on May 26, 2015

Full Results for the South Tyne Jamboree are available on the South Tyne Website:

South Tyne Jamboree Results

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South Tyne Jamboree

Posted by Tim W on March 23, 2015

A date for the diary. This information has come through Bill Hardwick from Steve Larkin, who is organising the Jamboree.

This year’s Jamboree will be held at the Haydonian in Haydon Bridge on Tuesday May 19th. As in previous years, the format will be two one hour games (30 minutes per player) with a break for refreshments midway. So round 1 will start promptly at 7.30 p.m. and round 2 at 9 p.m. The charge for refreshments will be somewhere between £2 to £3 per head.

To help make the organisation of the event less of a last-minute scramble, I am asking all teams, whether complete or incomplete, to register with me at stevejlarkin01@hotmail.co.uk by midnight on Monday May 18th at the latest. This should allow me to organize composite teams where necessary in advance of the event and should remove uncertainty surrounding late arrivals. So any team or individual arriving after 7.30 p.m. will find that their clocks have been started in the normal way.

In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the four-way tie for first which we had last year, the following tie-break rules will apply this time:

  1. The team with the most wins, excluding any wins by default, is the winner.
  2. If two or more teams are still tied, board 4 results will be discounted.
  3. If two or more teams are still tied, they will share the trophy.

I realize that the first rule can be tough on the team with a win by default, but in an event with only two rounds, a default assumes a disproportionate significance; and a win over the board should surely count for more. So I fear that everyone competing will just have to accept that, where defaults are concerned, it is down to the luck of the draw!

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Haydon Bridge Jamboree

Posted by fellman01 on May 29, 2014

A report on this event can be found on the South Tyne League website.

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