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Tynedale Chess Club Library – Introduction

This page is an attempt to describe how a library might work. The rules are not set in stone and will probably change.

Tynedale Chess Club has a library, currently about 200 books. The library is a mixture of books from various sources. All the books are available for loan; not all are owned by Tynedale Chess Club, some are owned by me (Tim) personally, and I would encourage others to add their books to the list.

There is a library custodian, currently Tim.

Click here to open a pdf file containing a list of books.

We acknowledge and are grateful for books from the following sources: Betty  Lambie, Jack Wrigley, Jim Dixon.

The library is viewed as a community resource and is free for anyone to use, not just members of the chess club. The chess club reserves the right to ask for a deposit for non members.

Each book has a home location, currently they are all held by Tim (as Library Custodian). But in principle a subsection of the library could be held elsewhere, and the “home” location of those books would be amended.

There is a travelling box that Tim (as Library Custodian) sometimes brings down to the club on a Thursday night.

This is intended to be a free and easy exchange of books, so there is no limit on the number of books or the length of time that books can be borrowed. Gentle reminders may be sent out to help keep track of books.

The record of books borrowed will be held by Tim (as Library Custodian). If it seems appropriate a copy may be put online.

Anyone is welcome to add their own books to the library, they can then be added to the list, they retain ownership, and the books can stay in their possession when not out on loan.

Requests to borrow a book (preferably by email) should be directed to Tim (as Library Custodian), and should include the Ref No, and the Title.