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Club nights to restart

Posted by Tim W on March 20, 2020

The club held its AGM last night (23 Sept 2022) and is intending to restart face to face meetings from 6th Oct 2022.

Broadly speaking we will meet in Corbridge Parish Hall on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

The alternate weeks (2nd and 4th) in The Dyvels are not currently being scheduled.

For confirmation of dates please refer to the Club Nights Page

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Welcome to Tynedale Chess Club website

Posted by Tim W on June 28, 2012

Welcome to Tynedale Chess Club’s website!

The website is run by Tim and David Wrigley. Members of the club are encouraged to contribute, please contact Tim or David for help and assistance.

Please note that the views expressed on this website are those of individuals rather than Tynedale Chess Club. It is not our intention to cause offence and any inappropriate or unsuitable material will be removed. Please let the website adminstrators know if you unhappy with any of the contents.
To help avoid any problems we have included some guidelines above for contributors.

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Christmas Rapidplay (2022)

Posted by Tim W on December 16, 2022

The Christmas Rapidplay was held on Thu 15th Dec 2022. Many thanks to organiser Peter Crichton (and Terry for the mince pies). Eight players took part in an “all play all” competition. And congratulations to Derek Harris who managed to beat everyone else, ending with the fabulous score of 7 out of 7.

Full details are available from the following link : Christmas Rapidplay 2022

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Club Championship 2022/23 Rd 1 & 2

Posted by Tim W on November 30, 2022

Club Championship (2022-23) Rd 1
White Black
Tim Wrigley 1-0 David Foster
Colin Ripley ½-½ Peter Crichton
Derek Harris 1-0 David Firth
John Morgan 0-1 Gary Bosworth
Steve Larkin 1-0 Paul Smith
Tim Barmby 0-1 Jonny Kearney

Club Championship (2022-23) Rd 2
White Black
Gary Bosworth 1-0 Tim Wrigley
Peter Crichton 0-1 Derek Harris
Jonny Kearney ½-½ Steve Larkin
David Foster 0-1 John Morgan
Paul Smith 0-1 Colin Ripley
David Firth ½-½ Tim Barmby

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Tynedale v Carlisle

Posted by Tim W on November 10, 2022

It was good to play a match against our old friends from Carlisle. Congratulations to Bruce for a fine win, and to Derek for a draw after a hard fought game. Sadly the rest of us lost, so the final score was 1½- 4½. Thanks to Colin and Bill for organising an entertaining evening.

Tynedale v Carlisle at Haydonian Club – Haydon Bridge on 8 Nov 2022
B/W Tynedale Score Carlisle B/W
Board 1 B Tim Wrigley 0-1 Paul Rivers W
Board 2 W Derek Harris ½-½ George Glover B
Board 3 B Christine Moorcroft 0-1 Alan Hiatt W
Board 4 W Bruce Reed 1-0 Bill Burgess B
Board 5 B David Foster 0-1 Bill Hardwick W
Board 6 W Paul Smith 0-1 James McDougall B
Total 1½- 4½

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JH Match

Posted by Tim W on October 23, 2022

Jeremy Handley Memorial Match – Tynedale v Morpeth at Corbridge Parish Hall on 20 October 2022
B/W Tynedale Score Morpeth B/W
Bd 1 B Tim Wrigley 0-1 James Turner W
Bd 2 W Peter Crichton 0-1 Martin Seeber B
Bd 3 B Derek Harris 1-0 Alan Welsh W
Bd 4 W Tim Barmby 0-1 Geoff Loxham B
Bd 5 B Jonny Kearney 1-0 John Horton W
Bd 6 W Colin Ripley 1-0 Daniel Graham B
Bd 7 B John Morgan 0-1 David Firth W
Bd 8 W David Foster 0-1 Paul Smith B
Total 3-5

Morpeth retained the Jeremy Handley Memorial Trophy by 5-3 after a close-fought match, albeit helped by victories from two Tynedale guest players on boards 7 and 8. Morpeth dominated on the top boards, to be expected given the grading differences. A fine win by Jonny Kearney on board 6 despite a 300+ grading difference and debut victories for new members David Firth and Paul Smith.
Board 3 – Alan Welsh v Derek Harris
1 d4 c5, 2 e3 cxd4, 3 exd4 Nf6, 4 f4 (aiming to control e5 with a longer-term goal of exerting pressure on f7)
4…. d5, 5 Nf3 Nc6, 6 c3 Ne4 (with white controlling e5, black can take control of e4)
7 Bd3 f5, 8 Ne5 g6, 9 0-0 Bg7, 10 Nd2 Nxe5 11 fxe5 0-0, 12 Qb3 (increasing pressure on d5, e6 and f7)
12…. e6, 13 Nf3 Qb6 (a double-edged move, potentially accepting doubled-pawns in exchange for pressure on a2)
14 Qd1 Bd7, 15 Qe2 h6 (preparing to mobilise the kingside pawn majority)
16 Rb1 g5, 17 Kh1 Qd8 (the action changes to the kingside so time to relocate the queen)
18 Bd3 Be8, 19 Bxe4 dxe4 20 Nd2 Bg6 (further concentrating black’s forces with a hidden threat against the rook on b1)
21 Qc4 f4 (the threat of Qxe6+ can be ignored, although it might be better to defend because the kingside attack is still on track)
22 Qxe6+ Bf7, 23 Qh3 fxe3, 24 Qxe3 Bxa2 (questionable pawn grab, aiming to defend against b3 by attacking it with the queen)
25 Rxf8+ Qxf8, 26 Rf1 Qe7, 27 Qxe4, Rf8, 28 Re1 Rf4, 29 Qe3 Bf7, 30 Kg1 Bf8, 31 Ne4 (now white’s pieces are in good positions)
31…. Bg6, 32 Nd6 Bg7 (the rook needs an escape square)
33 g3 Rf8, 34 Qe2 h5 (preparing to open up the white king but the real aim is to get the rook into f3)
35 Qe3 g4, 36 Qe2 a6 (to stop Qb5)
37 Qc4+ Kf7, 38 Qd5 Bh6 (if white takes on b7, Rb8 will recover the pawn with a powerful rook on the seventh, although a retreat to b8 might be necessary)
39 Qg2 Rf3, 40 Qe2 h4, 41 Rf1 hxg3, 42 Rxf3 gxh2+, 43 Kh1 gxf3, 44 Qxf3 b5, 45 Kxh2 Qh4+, 46 Kg2 Qg5+, 47 Kh3 Bh4 (time becoming a factor but I judged that with the queens off, I could stop the white pawns)
48 Qxh5 Bxh5, 49 b3 Bf8, 50 c4 Bxd6, 51 cxd6 Be8 (forced)
52 cxb5 (a mistake, leaving white with vulnerable isolated pawns)

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Tynedale Chess Club Championship 2021-22: full results

Posted by fellman01 on September 27, 2022

Round 1: John Morgan 0-1 Christine Moorcroft; Andy Gessey 0-1 Jonny Kearney; Derek Harris 1-0 Dave Scott; Steve Larkin bye.

Round 2: Jonny 0-1 Derek; Christine 1-0 Andy; Steve 1-0 John; Dave bye.

Round 3: Andy 0-1 Steve; Derek 1-0 Christine; Dave 0-1 Jonny;John bye.

Round 4: Christine 1-0 Dave; Steve 0-1 Derek; John 1-0 Andy; Jonny bye.

Round 5: Derek 1-0 John; Dave 0-1 Steve; Jonny 1-0 Christine; Andy bye.

Round 6: Steve 1-0 Jonny; John 0.5-0.5 Dave; Andy 0-1 Derek; Christine bye.

Round 7: Dave 1-0 Andy; Jonny 1-0 John; Christine 0-1 Steve; Derek bye.

Final scores: Derek 6/6; Steve 5/6; Jonny 4/6; Christine 3/6;John and Dave 1.5/6;Andy 0/6.

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Club championship 2021-22 round 2 results

Posted by fellman01 on December 12, 2021

Jonny Kearney (1) 0 – 1 Derek Harris (1)

Christine Moorcroft (1) 1 – 0 Andy Gessey (0)

Steve Larkin (-) 1 – 0 John Morgan (0)

Dave Scott (0) bye

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Club championship 2021-22 round 1 results

Posted by fellman01 on November 20, 2021

John Morgan 0-1 Christine Moorcroft

Andy Gessey 0-1 Jonny Kearney

Derek Harris 1-0 Dave Scott

Steve Larkin bye

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Club championship 2021-22: rules

Posted by fellman01 on October 31, 2021

This will be a 7-round, all-play-all event, default timing 75 mins + 10 secs. Games can be played on chess.com, lichess or OTB by mutual consent. Pairings will be determined by the Crenshaw-Berger tables and will be announced at the start of each round, together with a date for completion of that round, which will be not more than three weeks ahead. White should contact his opponent, offering a couple of dates, and is responsible for issuing the challenge when the game takes place. After 6 rounds, the player with the highest score will be the new club champion. If two players are tied on the top score, there will be a play-off with colours reversed and using the same timescale as in the rounds. If 3 players are tied, the organiser will hope to invent a solution!

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Jeremy Handley Memorial match v Morpeth 14/10/21

Posted by fellman01 on October 15, 2021

This annual fixture was once again held online, over 8 boards, with the following results:

  1. Derek Harris 0-1 Richard Symonds
  2. Tim Wrigley 0-1 James Turner
  3. David Wrigley 0-1 Phil Eastlake
  4. Steve Larkin 0-1 Geoff Loxham
  5. Jonny Kearney 1-0 Alan Welsh
  6. Bruce Reed 0-1 John Horton
  7. John Morgan 1-0 Stephen Farrelly
  8. Andy Gessey 0-1 David Simm

So a clearcut win for Morpeth.

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NEOL Update

Posted by Tim W on March 4, 2021

Tynedale are doing well in Season 2 of the NE Online Chess League under Dave Humphrey’s guidance.

I have copied the results to a TCC page (TCC NEOL Page) on the left hand side of the screen, though they are currently also available on the NEOL Website

The last match of the season is next Tuesday, 9 March against Darlington.

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