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Coronavirus update: Club nights suspended

Posted by Tim W on March 20, 2020

We have decided to suspend Thursday club nights until further notice.

But you can play with us online at https://www.chess.com/club/tynedale-chess-club-1
Chess.com is free,, but you need to set amn account, and then join the club

There has been some confusion about the club name, though hopefully that has now been sorted.

Within chess.com the club is called “tynedale-chess-club”

This corresponds directly to the link above.

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Welcome to Tynedale Chess Club website

Posted by Tim W on June 28, 2012

Welcome to Tynedale Chess Club’s website!

The website is run by Tim and David Wrigley. Members of the club are encouraged to contribute, please contact Tim or David for help and assistance.

Please note that the views expressed on this website are those of individuals rather than Tynedale Chess Club. It is not our intention to cause offence and any inappropriate or unsuitable material will be removed. Please let the website adminstrators know if you unhappy with any of the contents.
To help avoid any problems we have included some guidelines above for contributors.

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Club Championship Rd 1

Posted by Tim W on October 23, 2020

Rd 1 of the Club Championship has finished.
The draw for Rd 2 will be made shortly

Club Championship Rd 1 – played online Oct 2020
John Morgan 1-0 Bruce Reed
Dave Humphreys 1-0 Christine Moorcroft
Jonny Kearney 1-0 Dave Scott
Derek Harris 1-0 Andy Gessey
Ian Mackay 1-0 Steve Larkin

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NEOL (Billingham v Tynedale)

Posted by Tim W on October 15, 2020

The NCA Online League (NEOL) started this Tuesday with a match against Billingham Synthonia
Tynedale won 3-1, full details are available on the NEOL Website – (Billingham Synthonia v Tynedale)

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Jeremy Handley Memorial

Posted by Tim W on September 30, 2020

Steve’s email reporting the JH Memorial Match :

Dear members,
Just to let you know that Morpeth won the match 4-2. Both Tim and James Turner had to withdraw from the match, so Derek moved up to board 1 and board 3 was cancelled.

Dave’s result against a much stronger opponent was the standout performance for us, not least because he was supposed to have white and ended up playing black!
Thanks to all who took part or who would have taken part had there been an opponent for them.

Jeremy Handley Memorial Event – played online Sep 24 2020
Roger Coathup 1-0 Derek Harris
David Wrigley ½-½ Richard Symonds
Bd 3 Cancelled
Steve Larkin 0-1 Phil Eastlake
Alan Walsh 1-0 Bruce Reed
Dave Humphreys 1-0 John Horton
David Crawford ½-½ Jonny Kearney

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North v South

Posted by fellman01 on September 6, 2020

An historic match between North and South was organised on chess.com by the ECF on September 5th 2020. It was the first time such a match had been played since 1893 and 1894, with the South winning on both occasions.

This time it was a 106 board affair, and Tynedale had 4 players taking part. Gary Murphy, on board 15, drew. Steve Larkin, on board 71, won. Jonny Kearney, on board 98, lost. And John Morgan, on board 101, won by default. Overall, the North emerged the winners by 61 to 45.

A great experience. Let’s hope it becomes an annual fixture.

(Thanks Steve – A Full Report is available on the ECF Website at North v South – Tim W)

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Summer KO (cont)

Posted by Tim W on August 17, 2020

In the Plate competition we were given a bye, and then drawn against Jesmond Knights. A remarkable win against Jesmond leaves us in the final.

NCA Summer KO Plate Semi Final- played online Aug 2020
Tynedale Jesmond Knights
Name Result Name
Jonny Kearney 0-1 Malola Prasath
Steve Larkin ½-½ Chris Izod
David Scott 0-1 Liam Dobson
John Morgan 1-0(defaulted) Sophie Atkinson
Match Score 1½-2½
Handicap Score 3½-0
Match Result 5-2½

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NCA Summer Handicap KO

Posted by Tim W on June 12, 2020

Tynedale were drawn against Forest Hall A team, and this was always going to be a tough match. As a spectator I enjoyed watching the games online, and we wish Forest Hall well in the rest of the competition.
Tynedale will now enter the plate, a competiton for first round losers.

NCA Summer KO – Played online Fri 12 Jun 2020
Forest Hall Alekhines Tynedale
Tim Wall 1-0 Jonny Kearney
Zheming Zhang 1-0 Steve Larkin
Caveh Madjdpour 1-0 David Scott
Kirill Gara 1-0 John Morgan
Match Score 4-0
Handicap Score 0-3½
Match Result 4-3½

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Online Match

Posted by Tim W on April 9, 2020

Match Played Online Thu 9 Apr 2020
Monarchs Reivers
Tim Wrigley 1-0 Ian Mackay
Dave Wrigley 1-0 Peter Crichton
Derek Harris 1-0 Steve Larkin
Dave Humphreys 1-0 Dave Foster Snr
Jonny Kearney 1-0 Dave Foster Jnr
Tim Barmby 1-0 John Morgan
David Scott 1-0 Andy Gessey

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Tans v Forest Hall D

Posted by Tim W on March 12, 2020

This was a tough match. Forest Hall D’s matches have been close and this was no exception. Jonny & Dave lost relatively quickly, Derek won, comfortably (?) and David swindled Stuart Skelsey, which left Tim with a lost ending and probably a lost match. Help. However when all is lost, you can play risky moves, and I managed first to activate two knights, giving my opponent a lot of forks to think about, and then the game ended in a draw by perpetual, each side having about about 10 secs left on the clock.
Particular thanks to David who has won all five of the matches he has played for the Tans.

Match Played at Corbridge Parish Hall – Thu 12 Mar 2020
Tans Forest Hall D
David Wrigley 1-0 Stuart Skelsey
Tim Wrigley ½-½ Ciaran McDonald
Derek Harris 1-0 Morgan French
Dave Humphreys 0-1 Weiming Xu
Jonny Kearney 0-1 Ian Rook

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Frairs v Monarchs

Posted by Tim W on March 11, 2020

Dave’s Comments – taken from an email :

As last night’s match brought the Monarchs’ season to a close, I’d would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for last nights sterling effort! To recap,

Tim held Roy to a draw. No mean feat for someone rated over 180. Brilliant stuff!

My thanks to Derek for stepping into the breach for us at short notice. Its been a season of postponements due to illness and lack of availability and your efforts on our behalf were much appreciated.

And Jonny? Following on from your win over John Lydon last week, another win against a stronger opponent! That should have an effect on your grading for the coming season. Well done!

As things stand now, the Monarchs have won 3 matches and lost 1. The only team that can catch us is the Reivers, who have 2 games in hand against the Friars. If they win both, then they share the title with us. If not, the Monarchs will be outright winners for the second year running!! So I’m delighted with that!!

Match Played at Stone Inn – Hayton Tue 10 Mar 2020
Friars Monarchs
Roy Ellames 0 2-2 2 Tim Wrigley
Bill Burgess 4 0-4 3 Derek Harris
John Lydon 5 0-4 5 Dave Humphreys
Bill Hardwick 5 0-4 6 Jonny Kearney
14 2-14 16

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