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Chess drama at Penrith

Posted by fellman01 on November 3, 2019

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Rapidplay Trophy

A Tynedale team of three (Peter Crichton, Steve Larkin and Jonny Kearney) played in the Cumbria Chess Rapid Play Team Championship 2019 held at Penrith on November 2nd. This was a 5 round event, with each player having 30 minutes for each game. There were 9 teams of three competing, with combined team grades subject to a points handicap to even out disparities between strong and weak teams.

In round 1 Tynedale faced Carlisle Knights and benefitted from a 1 point handicap, which was just as well since Peter lost to John Kelly and Steve lost to Clive Hutching. However Jonny was on fire and dispatched Paul Rivers (grade 132) to ensure the match was a 2-2 draw.

Next we faced Love ’em laughing, to whom we conceded a half point handicap, but with all 3 Tynedale players recording a win the result was a clear victory by 3 points to 0.5.

No handicap was involved in our round 3 match against Crown Jewels, where Peter’s draw and Jonny’s third consecutive win (against D. McMath, grade 111) was enough to draw the match 1.5 each.

In round 4 we conceded a half-point handicap to Carlisle Kings, but with Peter defeating old friend Ian Mackay and Jonny recording his 4th consecutive win, against Alan Little, we managed the narrowest of victories 2-1.5.

At the start of round 5 three teams, including Tynedale, were tied on 3 points out of 4. Our final match was against Crown Princes, with no handicap involved. Peter won his game more or less by default, and Steve ended a dismal run with a quick win, which was just as well as the Kearney magic finally ran out as Jonny lost for the first and only time. This 2-1 win put us on 4 points, tying with the Crown Jewels team for first place.

The rules stipulated that, in the event of a tie, there would be a rapid-play game of 5 minutes each involving the top board players of each side, so for the second time Peter faced Joseph McAtear (grade 151) with whom he had drawn in round 3. They tossed for colours and Joseph got white. Both players matched each other for speed of play and Peter established a very powerful file with 2 rooks and queen all aligned, but Joseph was able to counter this and what followed immediately was a draw by repetition.

This meant we entered the second stage of the tie-break, a rapid-play Armageddon involving the 2 second board players of each side. So for the second time Steve, with white, faced Fred Clough (grade 118) who had destroyed him in round 3. The tie-break rules stipulated that white would have 5 minutes in which to win and black would have 4 minutes in which not to lose. The game got underway and, curiously, Fred seemed to have opted for an “attack is the best method of defence” approach, while Steve was struggling to get his pieces off the back 2 ranks. With Steve on c2.5 minutes and Fred on c1.5 and a position which was very complex, all the lights went out. The spectators produced mobile phone torches and the game was resumed, with Fred’s time slipping away till it ran out, leaving Steve the winner though he had barely done anything on the board to warrant victory. Nevertheless it meant that Tynedale carried off the John Trothill Rapidplay trophy.

Tynedale’s star was undoubtedly Jonny, whose 4/5 will surely win him the gold medal for best performance on board 3. Not far behind was Peter with a highly respectable 3.5/5 on top board. Steve only managed 2/5 but at least he didn’t shoot himself in the foot in the terrifying Armageddon play-off!

All in all a highly enjoyable, if not exactly relaxing, day. And it’s always nice to come home with a trophy!

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43rd Scarborough Chess Congress

Posted by fellman01 on November 1, 2019

Held on October 25-27 2019, this event was, as ever, well run and well supported, with 321 players spread over 5 sections. I played in the Minor, for players graded 135 and under, and was ranked 69th of the 75 entrants.

I took a half-point bye in round 1, held on the Friday night. On Saturday morning my opponent was Malcolm Roberts (grade 128) of Holmes Chapel. Over-ruling my better judgement, I launched a sacrificial attack on his castled king only to end up a bishop to 2 pawns down. The rest of the game was spent defending and I managed to hold out for a draw.

Saturday afternoon saw me playing Andy Kelly (grade 126) of Worsley. I had a nightmare game, foolishly taking a poisoned pawn and saying goodbye to my queen on move 12. More increasingly desperate defensive play on my part, ending with a move I thought might get me back in the game, only to find it led to mate in 2. Not the best afternoon of my chess career!

Another day and fresh hopes! I had white against David Fowler (grade 130) of Derbyshire and always had a positional advantage, but with equal material and both queens on the board to the end finding the win was hard work. Only after 3 hours and 45 minutes of play did I manage it, David resigning with mate just one move away.

Less than an hour later it was time for the final round. My opponent, Pete McKay of Darlington, was another 130 man. Again I achieved a positional advantage but each time I thought I could turn it into a material advantage Pete found an answer, and with both of us feeling Congress fatigue we agreed a draw after 3 hours and 15 minutes of play.

So I came away from the congress shattered but feeling well pleased (if you forget about the Saturday afternoon fiasco) at having managed 50% and ending up 40th in the section.

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4th Jeremy Handley memorial trophy

Posted by fellman01 on October 3, 2019

This annual match between Tynedale and Morpeth was held at Morpeth on Wednesday October 2nd 2019 and produced the following result:

  1. Phil Kennedy (162)    0.5 – 0.5  Gary Murphy (186)
  2.  James Turner (160)    1  –   0    Tim Wrigley (154)
  3.  Martin Seeber (156)   1  –   0    David Wrigley (150)
  4. George Ellames (155)  1  –   0    Steve Larkin (113)
  5. Phil Eastlake (148)       1  –   0    Dave Humphreys (100)
  6.  John Horton (155R)    1  –   0    Dave Foster jr (66?)
  7.  Harry Robinson (96)  0  –   1    Jonny Kearney (u)
  8. David Watson (90)       1  –  0    John Morgan (u)

An overwhelming victory for Morpeth, who thereby wrested the trophy back from us. Outstanding for Tynedale were Jonny, in winning form, plus Dave H and John, both of whom gave their much more experienced opponents a really tough fight before going down. And it was good that we were able to produce a team of 8 players.

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55th Northumberland Chess Congress

Posted by fellman01 on September 30, 2019

There were just two members representing Tynedale Chess Club at this event, held at North Shields on September 27th-29th. Jonny Kearney played in the Foundation for players graded 105 and below, while Steve Larkin played in the Minor, for players graded 135 and below.

The format in the Foundation was tough to say the least: 10 two-hour games over two and a bit days. Jonny was ranked second of fifteen entries on the basis of an estimated grade of 100, which was perhaps a bit high. In round 1 on the Friday night he shared the honours with Guy Smith of Peterlee (grade 80) at one win each. Round 2 on the Saturday morning brought 2 wins over Kevin Poulton of West Leeds (grade 68), followed in the afternoon by a win and a loss against Gerald Gregory of Hertford (grade 77). On Sunday he shared the honours first with Paul Richardson of Tynemouth (grade 97) and then with Luke Fletcher (estimated grade 90). Had he drawn his final game instead of losing it he would have finished second overall. Still he was happy with his 6 out of 10, enjoyed the whole experience of his first ever congress, and may have won the prize for most improved player.

In the Minor, where he was ranked 31st of the 53 entries, Steve took a bye on the Friday night, before drawing with Dave Ramsey of Morpeth (grade 123) on the Saturday morning and beating Ian Rook (good name for a chess player!) of Forest Hall (grade 121) in the afternoon. Both games were tight affairs, with just a pawn swinging the second game in Steve’s favour. On Sunday morning a wild and exciting game with Noel Boustred of Gosforth (grade 124) produced a win for Steve after he had offered a draw in the belief that a draw by repetition was unavoidable. Noel declined, believing he could get a checkmate which he couldn’t. Steve’s final game brought him down to earth as Kevin Cox of Gateshead (grade 122) thoroughly outplayed him. Still Steve, like Jonny, was happy with his 60% and enjoyed the experience.

The congress was well supported and, as ever, well run, making it a pleasure to take part. And a nice boost for the two Tynedale players was the presence of Peter Crichton on both the Saturday and the Sunday, offering moral support and encouragement.

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Jamboree Results

Posted by Tim W on May 24, 2019

This post has been moved to the South Tyne Website

S Tyne Website

S Tyne Jamboree

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Monarchs v Austins

Posted by Tim W on May 10, 2019

Match Played at Haydon Bridge Thu 9 May 2019
Monarchs Austins
Tim Wrigley 2 4-0 4 George Glover
David Wrigley 2 4-0 4 Bill Burgess
Dave Humphreys 6 2-2 4 John Lydon
Dave Foster 6 0-4 5 Bill Hardwick
16 10-6 17

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Tans v Forest Hall D

Posted by Tim W on March 19, 2019

Match Played at Corbridge Thu 14 Mar 2019
Tans Forest Hall D
Derek Harris 0-1 Ian Rook
David Wrigley 1-0 Mehdi Mazarei
Steve Larkin 0-1 Alex Brodie
Dave Humphries 0-1 Jamie McIntosh
David Foster 0-1 Ryan Duff

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Jamboree & Ladder Night

Posted by Tim W on March 3, 2019

Two Dates for your diary.

The South Tyne Jamboree will be held in the Haydonian Club on Thu 23rd May

The South Tyne Ladder night at the Haydonian Club is Tue 19th March.

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S Shields B v Tans

Posted by Tim W on March 1, 2019

Match Played in South Shields Thu 28 Feb 2019
South Shields B Tans
Brian Towers 1-0 Derek Harris
Kevin Rowden ½-½ Tim Wrigley
Dave Patterson 0-1 James Ross
Konstantinos Decidimonous 1-0 Ian Mackay
Eddie Czestochowski 0-1 Peter Crichton

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Tim v Gary Cornwall

Posted by Tim W on February 15, 2019

Two positions from my game last night (Feb 14th) game as white against Gary Cornwall, illustrating the subtlties of pawn endings.

At this point Fritz says I am marginally ahead, though I didn’t think so at the time, and eventually lost.
Play continues – 56 Kd3 Kxg6, 57 b4 cxb4 58 axb4 Kf6 59 Kc4 g5 60 b5 gxf4 61 b6 f3

Now what ? – Answers to Tim

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