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Club championship 2021-22 round 2 results

Posted by fellman01 on December 12, 2021

Jonny Kearney (1) 0 – 1 Derek Harris (1)

Christine Moorcroft (1) 1 – 0 Andy Gessey (0)

Steve Larkin (-) 1 – 0 John Morgan (0)

Dave Scott (0) bye

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Club championship 2021-22 round 1 results

Posted by fellman01 on November 20, 2021

John Morgan 0-1 Christine Moorcroft

Andy Gessey 0-1 Jonny Kearney

Derek Harris 1-0 Dave Scott

Steve Larkin bye

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Jeremy Handley Memorial match v Morpeth 14/10/21

Posted by fellman01 on October 15, 2021

This annual fixture was once again held online, over 8 boards, with the following results:

  1. Derek Harris 0-1 Richard Symonds
  2. Tim Wrigley 0-1 James Turner
  3. David Wrigley 0-1 Phil Eastlake
  4. Steve Larkin 0-1 Geoff Loxham
  5. Jonny Kearney 1-0 Alan Welsh
  6. Bruce Reed 0-1 John Horton
  7. John Morgan 1-0 Stephen Farrelly
  8. Andy Gessey 0-1 David Simm

So a clearcut win for Morpeth.

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NEOL Update

Posted by Tim W on March 4, 2021

Tynedale are doing well in Season 2 of the NE Online Chess League under Dave Humphrey’s guidance.

I have copied the results to a TCC page (TCC NEOL Page) on the left hand side of the screen, though they are currently also available on the NEOL Website

The last match of the season is next Tuesday, 9 March against Darlington.

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Online Match

Posted by Tim W on April 9, 2020

Match Played Online Thu 9 Apr 2020
Monarchs Reivers
Tim Wrigley 1-0 Ian Mackay
Dave Wrigley 1-0 Peter Crichton
Derek Harris 1-0 Steve Larkin
Dave Humphreys 1-0 Dave Foster Snr
Jonny Kearney 1-0 Dave Foster Jnr
Tim Barmby 1-0 John Morgan
David Scott 1-0 Andy Gessey

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Coronavirus update: Club nights suspended

Posted by Tim W on March 20, 2020

We have decided to suspend Thursday club nights until further notice.

We play online at chess.com and lichess.org, but mostly lichess.org

Our lichess club is https://lichess.org/team/tynedale-chess-club

For reference our chess.com club is http://www.chess.com/club/tynedale-chess-club-1 , but as I say not used much

There has been some confusion about the chess.com club name, though hopefully that has now been sorted.

Within chess.com the club is called “tynedale-chess-club”

This corresponds directly to the link above.

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Photo – Wentworth Display

Posted by Tim W on November 3, 2019

Click on the photo to show a larger image

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Yichen Again

Posted by Tim W on February 4, 2019

This week’s Hexham Courant has a full page spread titled “Does chess deserve a Sporting Chance ?” raising the question of whether or not Chess is a sport. It also features another 4 pictures of Yichen’s simultaneous and more publicity for Tynedale Chess Club. Thanks to Joseph Tulip & the Courant.

To read the Courant article click on the following link :

Hexham Courant – Does chess deserve a sporting chance ?

This photo of Yichen is courtesy Hexham Courant – Thank You

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Yichen Han Simultaneous

Posted by Tim W on January 13, 2019

Many thanks to Yichen, Mike Smith, Peter Crichton, Steve Larkin, Dave Humphreys, Joseph Tulip & Andy Gessey for a fabulous morning at the Queen’s Hall. Also thanks to all who supported the event by playing Yichen

Watch this space as this post may well change as further details are added.

Yichen played 17, Won 12, Drew 3 & Lost 2.

The games he lost are now available on our GAMES page at Yichen’s games

Watch a short video of Yichen (courtesy of the Hexham Courant)

Read the Hexham Courant Full Report

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How many ways, can you list, to draw a game of chess?

Posted by dwhump3yahoocouk on December 9, 2018

As a little challenge, give this a try for yourselves before reading on!

So far, I’ve counted no fewer than 7!!

  1. Draw by agreement:- This can happen at any time throughout the game.
  2. Draw by stalemate:- This most often occurs in endgames, but can, on rare occasions, happen in the middle game.
  3. Draw by the 50-move rule:- If no pawn is moved or capture played in 50 moves, the game is a draw.
  4. Draw by 3-fold repetition:- If the same position occurs, with the same player to play, three times in a game, the game is drawn.
  5. Draw by perpetual check:- One side plays a series of checks that the other side can’t escape from.
  6. Draw by insufficient material:- If all you have left is a knight or bishop plus king against a lone king, no checkmate is possible, and the game is drawn.
  7. Draw on time:- This is the one that a lot of players forget about. If the only piece you have left is your king, then you cannot win on time!! Your opponent MUST checkmate you, within the 50-move rule, before his clock runs out, or the game is a draw.

I think that this is just about all. Unless you can add more!!

Dave Humphreys 09Dec18

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